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Browncoat’s Independance Day Celebration

Reposing from kitanzi. Feel free to RSVP here or there.

We still haven’t decided a date for movie night, but we are gonna do a Firefly marathon tomorrow for anyone interested. Not Serenity, Firefly – Wash Lives!

Show up around 11 and we’ll keep running them until everyone’s sick and tired of it! (One cat, no indoor smoking, bring snacks if you want but we will have food – no one’s going hungry in this house if I can help it! 🙂 )

[If you need directions, just drop a note here or email me at autographedcat at gmail dot com.]

No movie night this week

For a variety of reasons, we will not be having movie night this week.

We may look into scheduling one later in the month. Watch this space (or kitanzi) for future details.

We inturrupt this program to bring you this breaking news bulletin

Next week is the normally scheduled night for movie night, but it’s also something else.

kitanzi and I were lamenting not being able to attend aiela and davehogg‘s election night party, and I said “Well, we could just throw our own,” and after some discussion, we decided that would be a fine thing to do this month in place of the usual film. So….

Tuesday, November 4th :: 7pm until whenever :: Rob & Larissa’s Place

We’ll have some popcorn, put the returns up on the big TV, and just generally sit around and chat about whatever moves us as the results come in.

The rules

  1. NO BASHING. I have my biases, and I’m sure you have yours. That said, while I like a spirited debate about politics as much as the next person, I’d like to keep my home a friendly space for anyone to attend.
  2. See rule #1.

Seriously, folks, I want to have a good time with this, and I’m willing to pass the chips to someone willing to sit down with me and have a friendly chat, whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Socialists, Monarchists, or whatever you might be. It’s a party, not an inquisition.

Who’s in for it??

Movie Night

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means once again there will be movie night here at our place in Alpharetta. Hope you can come by for it!!

Where: autographedcat and kitanzi‘s apartment in Alpharetta
When: Wednesday, August 6
What: Movie!

As per usual, there will be snacks, conversation, and a film on the big screen See you there!

Locals: Movie Night – June 4!

(I don’t have a filter for locals folks, so feel free to skip this if you’re not in the Atlanta area)

So, the last couple months have been pretty low turnout for movie night. Having said that, we really are hoping to keep the tradition going.

See, I finally unwaffled on buying that new TV. So we have a *really* nice screen to watch movies on now. Our gaming group screened “Raiders of the Lost Ark” last week, in preparation for going out as a group to see Indy 4 *next* week, and it’s just so nice.

So, next Wednesday is our monthly open house movie night, and we’d love to have you come over. As usual, there will be some baked goods, some good conversation, and an interesting movie to watch and discuss. If you need directions, or have any questions, or just want to let us know you’ll be there, leave a comment or email me.

Hope to see you there!

Pointless whinging.

What follows is probably mostly whinging and self-pity. But it’s my journal, and I get to use it for stuff like that sometimes.

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DVD Update

After the gaming group went home (and a report on that will be coming later for the three of you who are actively reading the exploits of our merry band), I dug our Playstation2 out of the closet and hooked it up to the TV. I’m pleased to report that it was able to play the movies that the JVC was unable to recognize.

I’ll be searching to see if there’s a firmware upgrade for the JVC, but in the meantime, I have a workaround. I really should use the Playstation more, anyway. We originally only bought it because rslatkin and vatavian introduced us first hand to the aerobic joy that is DDR, but we had stopped for a while, and when we moved I didn’t bother hooking it back up, though I’m glad I took the time to carefully pack the various parts of it into a box.

Maybe I’ll play some of the other games I picked up for the thing but never played. In my copious spare time.

Movie Night, sort of

The only person who showed up to watch a movie was Alice. This is fine, since Alice is always good company, and I always enjoy having her around. Next week we plan to move the weekly movie night to Wednesday, since at least one person suggested that they had a permanent conflict on Monday, and the day was pretty arbitrary from our point of view.

We originally intended to watch Hot Fuzz, which I had seen on the airplane heading out to California, but ran into a technical snag. My very spiffy JVC multi-region DVD player won’t play the disc. Apparently, the makers of DVDs are upset that some of us found a way to watch our overseas purchases on our own televisions, and are now including logic on their discs that my player completely fails to recognize them as valid media at all. (This is my speculation, at least. I should pull out the PS2, which I think can also play DVDs, and see what it does with them. If not, I’ll have to go buy a cheap DVD player for these oddities, because, dammit, I want to watch my own movies in my own living room!)

At any event, we ended up showing Alice the other half of the first season of Coupling, since she had seen the first half while visiting kitanzi last week. We had a lot of good laughs, and some good conversation, and everyone had an enjoyable time.

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