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WoW Factor

Given that I want to post more often (just to be in the habit) and I spend a fair emount of my time these days playing World of Warcraft, I’m considering adding posts about things happening to and around me in-game to my blogging schedule. I’d never bothered before because I didn’t think anyone would really care, but I have enough people on my friends list who play, now someone who plays, or just find things i write interesting that it might be worth doing. So, a poll:


88 Lines about 50 meme questions


WoW: It’ll Be….Just Like Starting Over


  1. My only exposure to WoW is via the webcomic “Looking for Group”, but it sounds like it would be interesting.

    • LFG is extremely good (and is done by the guys who do Least I Could Do, one of my top-5 current favourite webcomics right now).

      Another couple of wow-oriented comics that I enjoy are Scott Kurtz’s Ding and a new one I recently discovered called The Scout Report, which is by an unknown author.

  2. our guild is up on LJ. 🙂

  3. Sorry, I’m just not into WoW. A lot of the team at work were very into it and I surfeited on their discussions about it.

    • Nod. No worries, I’m *hardly* offended if someone doesn’t want to hear me blather about video games. That’s why I made the poll. 🙂

  4. As more of my friends start playing, I expect more and more entries on it and I might actually start journaling about the game a bit myself. I personally don’t care if your entries about it are just regular entries, but I’ll probably create an opt in filter for mine.

  5. Your journal, your choice -- though I’m unlikely to do anything more than the briefest of skims, as WoW simply doesn’t mean anything to me. Cut-tags are nice but it is of course entirely up to you.

    • And that’s fine. My friends list actually comes from several diverse and only lightly overlapping social circles, so its never a surprise to me that not everyone is into the same stuff.

  6. I think that as long as you cut any screenshots, images, videos, etc., then it wouldn’t be something I’d say you’d need to cut. (Just as I’d say of any other topic of posting.)

    • It’s really more a matter of, if I go the public post route, that clearly labelled cut-tagged entries are very easy to skip for people who don’t care.

  7. I’ve already done one WoW post so I could hardly complain. 😀

  8. WoW

    I’m sorry -- I’m not interested in WoW at all. Now filk, on the other hand . . .

  9. I have finally been sucked into the game. I must now ask the question top on my mind (as a newcomer to the game)… Horde or Alliance? Also, which server? My pants are beyond bankrupt hon, but I FINALLY have proper Internet access again. Hooray for HughesNet;)

  10. I don’t know why, but I skip over gaming reports of any kind.

    • Gaming reports for games you’re not playing are often dull as ditchwater, depending on the author. Still, often even worse than that are fantasy novels that are nothing more than elaborate reconstructions of your RPG campaign. At least LJ entries tend to be relatively short. *grin*


  11. I miss your D&D reports. If the WoW reports are anything like them, they should be great.

    Post however and whenever you want and I will read and enjoy when they show up

    • The lack of D&D reports was tied up in my depression issues. One of the ways that depression hits me is a strong tendency to procrastinate on anything I don’t *have* to do immediately. (I tend towards procrastination anyway, so this dovetails with my depressive tendencies in ways that just aren’t really useful. And of course, when mired in that state, its easy to convince myself that “No one is reading this anyway.” and push it even further onto the back burner.

      I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pick up the chronicles of the Defensive Perimenter soon. They’re just about to wrap up the module I’ve been running, having now achieved the ratified heights of fifth level. (They grow so fast when they’re lowbies.)

      Can’t promise that my WoW musings will be *quite* as entertaining. Honestly, what makes the D&D is the banter between the characters. 🙂 My guildies are awesome, but not always up to that level of repartee. 🙂

      • So true, a group in one room is always better then a group in diffrent houses hooked up by the net.

        Just glad to hear you are feeling better.

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