Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Doggerel for Telynor

It’s obvious now at the start of the day
When nothing quite seems to be right
That morning collects all the dues we must pay
For the fun we were having last night

And yet there’s a joy that morning light brings
If only you take time to feel it
A lightness of being, your inner heart sings
And you hide it lest someone might steal it

So shake off the shadows and cast off the fear
And let not a cloud hang above you
And know that the world was made special for you
And is full of the people who love you


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  1. You know, this one’s lovely, and actually has something to say other than “ok, I’m game, here’s my turn”.
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. I confess I can’t remember
    Having any fun last night.
    The office has eaten my soul
    It’s like a creeping blight.
    It bleeds into my every hour
    And round each corner lurks
    I know I’d be much happier if
    I didn’t have to work. :-/

    • I’d too prefer a day of ease
      With nothing much to do
      I’d also rather not eat peas
      Though they be good for you

      Alas, I fear the world insists
      I toil for my reward; it
      will not let me chase my bliss --
      I simply can’t afford it!

  3. That’s nice. Shiny, too. Thank you for posting it.

  4. As I understand the term, that isn’t doggerel; it’s all beautiful and inspiring and meaningful and shit. Thanks for writing that; sometimes I forget just how marvelous the souls of my friends are.

  5. Not. Doggerel.

    I’m mostly a prose person, but I recognize good poetry when I see it.

    • Thank you!

      (It’s probably worth noting, (and I didn’t in the post), that this was in response to ‘s call to declare that day National Doggerel Day and sked everyone to post something in rhyme, regardless of quality. I’m glad so many folks liked my little contribution.)

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