When asked to describe my musical tastes, the word I’d most often use is “eclectic”. And as a result, I’ve been meaning to get around to the whole “post lines from X songs and let people guess what they are” meme for a while, but just never got around to it.

So, tonight I have. Here’s a delightful trip through the familiar and the obscure that is known as “My iTunes on Shuffle”. Remember, no fair doing Internet searches! (As a note, I did skip over songs which either have no lyrics (duh) or which had the title of the song in the opening lines of the verse.).


1. Down by the river, the water’s running low as I wander underneath the trees

2. As I walk through this wicked world, searching for light in the darkness of insanity

3. The fly on the coachwheel told me that he got it and he knew what to do with it

4. They made up their minds and they started packing. They left before the sun came up that day

5. Politicians preaching on TV saying nothing but vote for me.Everybody everywhere, we got a love

6. Gonna take a chance on her, one bullet in the cylinder

7. Whatcha gonna choose the poison or the lines? Lived with crazy pain in all your life

8. You don’t have to take the bar exam to see what you’ve done is Ignoramus 103

9. Kelly is raising her son; his dad left just after the birth

10. So you think you’re a Romeo playing a part in a picture-show?

11. The Tupamaros got a platinum card, all right. I got a heart of gold and it’s time to get hard and I like it

12. He left a card, a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush next to a note that said “use these down to your bones”

13. Tears fill up my eyes I’m washed away with sorrow, and somewhere in my mind I know there’s no tomorrow

14. It don’t matter what you do, I don’t care what you say, It don’t matter where you go, honey

15. I was trained in Arizona in a secret desert camp where we did night manoeuvres without a lighted lamp

16. Here I go, going down, down, down; my mind is a blank, my head is spinning around and around

17. What may I ask is never enough; It’s never too sweet and it’s never too rough

18. Peter said to Paul you know all those words we wrote are just the rules of the game and the rules are the first to go

19. Floating in the summer sunshine, we are flying, we are blue; Falling like a summer raindrop, like a teardrop, like the dew

20. Lost track of what i had to get done, not meeting anyone, stuck in one place while the snowflakes all come down