I apologize for the small handful of you who were actually interested in the story recaps of our little AD&D group. I fell down on my note taking and haven’t posted a summary. The party did manage to rout the kobolds who were attacking caravans and downed their leader, a magically mutated kobold warchief who had taken over this small clan. Once he had been defeated, the rest of the kobolds fled into the forests and have not been heard from since.

Here are the short form notes on the most recent two sessions. I’m afraid that the wisecracks and other levity that have been a hallmark of this series are missing, but it will get everyone caught up on the plot.

The party got sent up to a small frontier town north of Kelvin named Welwyn. There’s been a rash of thefts that the local populace has been unable to resolve, and they believe that the thief is utilizing the town’s well as an escape route. Our Heroes go down the well, and nearly die. (There was a snake in the well, but I think the well itself did more damage than the snake did.)

In between fighting the snake and trying not to drown, a secret door is discovered which leads into an underground tunnel. They followed the tunnel into a large cavern and fought a giant trapdoor spider. Then, they went down a tunnel which was laden with traps, found a secret door and fought four zombie dwarfs. Searching the room found a discarded piece of paper which was in code, but when unscrambled appeared to be a work order for the building of the portcullis and traps out in the hallway. The person who hired the dwarfs appears to have killed them and reanimated their corpses in lieu of paying them.

Venturing deeper in to the caves, the party encountered a dire badger, which they fought and killed, the thief sustaining some severe injury, but no deaths. They then ventured forth and found a man sitting at a campfire in a large cavern. Several small tunnels (too small for humans to venture through) led off, but there were no other exits. As soon as he became aware of the party, he snatched up a bow and attacked. The druid cast entangle, which greatly complicated the fight, as it hindered both friend and foe alike. The lone man used a set of pipes to call forth a swarm of rats, shapeshifted into a form that appeared to be half-human, half badger, nearly killed the duskblade, and finally shapeshifted again into a badger and disappeared down the small tunnels.

After healing and waiting for the entangle to expire, they searched the room and found various bits of treasure, some of which probably belongs to the townspeople. They also found several small harnesses, about hte size of the rats in the cave, and six potions of Reduce Size, Human.

Injured and out of spells, they have elected to camp for the night before deciding what to do next.