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Month: December 2007

“Drink me!”

The Recipe For Autographedcat

3 parts Understanding
2 parts Superiority
1 part Instinct

Splash of Sexiness

Shake vigorously

(linked via puppetmaker40)

Fairytale of a fairytale

Everyone has a favourite Christmas song.  Mine is “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

The BBC news site has a nice article about the song..  Thanks to kitanzi for sending me the link.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Quote of the Evening

We didn’t end up playing D&D last night, because 2 of our players didn’t make it, so it was a couple of hands of Munchkin and general revelry instead. Don won the first game, and I won the second. kitanzi made cookies.

Best exchange of the evening…I forget what I actually quipped to start this:

Don: Yeah, yeah. You’re very funny.
kitanzi: He thinks he is.
Me: *mock pout* Some people seem to like it.
kitanzi: They’re just humouring you, dear.
Me: Oh. (thoughtful pause) Humouring me certainly seems to involve a lot of nudity.

(At which point, kitanzi cracks up and Don gets the look of someone who has lost his place and is trying to figure out where the turn was….*grin*)

Instafilk: Really Simple Gifts

This morning on #filkhaven, dank pointed me at a CNN article about Virtual Reality gifts. and the following just popped into my head.

Really Simple Gifts
TTTO: “Simple Gifts”

It’s a gift that is simple
And it’s sure to appeal
And it doesn’t matter if it isn’t real
Just click on the mouse and an icon appears
And you’ll find this passes for Christmas cheer

Buy, buy, whatever you may see
Virtual gifts for your family
Spend all your cash in an online spree
and divorce yourself from reality

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