Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Today, I am teh cranky.

Had to get up at 3am this morning, ostensibly to do a mysql upgrade on our mail system, but things didn’t go smoothly, and now I’m at work, tired, and irritable.

So, cheer me up? Tell me what’s wonderful and brilliant in your life?


Heading home


Music You Can’t Live Without


  1. Sorry you had a bad night.

    I had a good first date last night. That’s about the best I can muster for you, but… I’m rather pleased about that 🙂

  2. Big big hugs. The day *will* get better, I’m sure 🙂
    Hm. Good things in my life? Ok, I know this is totally schmoopy, but … tomorrow S and I have our six months wedding anniversary *grin* 🙂
    Yeah. It’s been six months ALREADY. Scary 🙂

  3. You are. *G*
    (That, and our date tonight!)

  4. I have a wonderful, kind, loving faraway sweetie. 🙂

    And I’m about to buy a house. And I have a date tonight with my local sweetie.

    • Woo hoo! congrats on the house…

      • Thanks! We’ve been renting it for a year so we know we love it. Now I just have to resist all the immediate redecorating plans I have. 😛

        • Like an actual guest room? 😉

          • Yes, like that. 🙂 I’d love to add on a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs and use Britt’s room as a guest room, with a high-quality futon or something. But that’ll probably have to wait until we get some equity built up. Can’t afford another loan til we pay this one down some…

            Right now, I’ll settle for stripping the AWFUL PAINT off my kitchen cupboards and restaining them. GAH. Who paints wood? Crazy people. They’re REAL WOOD. It’s a travesty.

        • heh. That’s the best way to come into a house, is already knowing all the quirks…

          What, you’re the only one with redecorating plans? 🙂

    • I have a wonderful, kind, loving faraway sweetie. 🙂

      That’s great! When do I get to meet zir? 😉

      And I’m about to buy a house. And I have a date tonight with my local sweetie.

      Yay! Houses and dates are both good things!

  5. Spring! The weather finally warmed up on Monday, and it was nice enough yesterday that I went to work coatless and bare-legged (under a long skirt, but still…) The daffodils are finally in bloom, and the plum tree in front of my house is starting to bud. It’s supposed to rain again today, but my, that was a nice little break!

    • We’ve got marvelously warm weather here in Atlanta, right around 21C for today’s high. Spring is always welcome, even if once again we didn’t get any snow.

  6. The chaos in my room is *still* in one neat pile at one end of an otherwise clear floor. My tapes, CDs, games and books in here are all shelved, with minimal double-stacking, and if I don’t falter I may even be able to keep it this way. Joy and glee and squee and all those things.

    Believe me, that’s as wonderful and brilliant as it gets in my life. 🙂

    • Heh. I understand that, believe me. (I remember once while visiting Gwen, before she moved to the UK, and looking over her CD collection, my mild OCD kicked in and I spent the next 2 hours alphabetizing them.

  7. more like who…
    and , who will (Lady willing) be home tonight…

    , who’s coming out in April

    , whom I met at Consonance and is very snuggly

    And seeing you guys twice in three months… and seeing hamsters tripping all over the floor at Consonance….

    so, yeah, life is good. Share the glow.

    • life is good

      Oh, *life* is brilliant. It’s just today that’s sucking for me.

      I seem to have missed the hamsters. In fact, I kinda though the UK folks had done them all in back in February…. 🙂

      • Oh, jeez. First they got with a mashup of “Pretty Little Dead Girl”, then Tres Gique (, , and LJ-less J) got with “The Song That’s Never Been” (she and both lost it, but poor Vix was on the floor trying to resemble the chairs we were sitting in, so the report goes…) … then Tony and Vixy got payback with “Six Strings Attached” (which got several of the guitar players, although not Jeff Bohnhoff, who was literally playing along… and just *shredding it*…)

        And then there was ‘s command performance, which tripped several hamsters…. 🙂

    • If is coming out in April, shouldn’t you be quiet about it until then?

      (Sorry. Terrible pun on “coming out”. I’ll shut up and try to look guilty, but I probably can’t.)

  8. Everybody needs to put a little time in the cranky zone. Yes, there are those that never seem to get cranky at all …. but … I think they are aliens.
    I got some work done on the inside of my house this past week, the $500 of work I had done on my car was ALL covered by warrenty (Wooot!) so cost me nada and I am now looking out my office window at 3 inches of fresh snow, unmarred by foot or tire.

    Hope your day gets better soon.

    • I sometimes *seem* to be the person who never gets cranky, but it’s all a ruse. Those who are closest to me know much better. *grin*

      Of course, I’m not suggesting that I’m *not* an alien.

      I’m very jealous of the snow. We got none at all this year, for the fourth year in a row.

  9. I get to see my Dad for the first time in more than a year come April. And this weekend, I get to see a friend I’ve not seen in more than a year, as she’s coming up to Boston to job hunt.

    *hugs* *Sends awake pills*

  10. I can breathe this morning, and my sinuses no longer feel as if they’re going to explode.

  11. I heard Flook ( for the first time last night. Very nice Irish trad. I find it impossible to listen to Irish trad and not have ‘happy feet.’ If I have happy feet, the rest of me eventually gets that way. Have a better rest of the day!

    • Happy feet are definately a good thing. Which reminds me, I had found an Irish band down in Texas that I was really impressed by their samples and kept meaning to order some CDs and I never did. I hope I can find the bookmark.

      One day, I’ll get my bookmarks organized.

  12. International travel tomorrow!

  13. At the moment, brilliance consists mainly in the fact that my @#$@#$ exams are finally graded. Which means that the nifty idea I had for a paper Monday night can now actually be *pursued*. (There was no way I was allowed to work on it yesterday; I had to get those exams done.)

    Not terribly wonderful or brilliant, but it’s what I have. *hug*

    • Well, it ain’t nothing.

      When’s a good time I might call you next week? it’s been too long since we chatted. *hug*

  14. Oh poor dear. That’s definitely crank worthy.

    I didn’t throw up this morning, for the first time since October 3rd. You’re the first person I’ve told.

    I hope the day gets much better. *HUGS*

  15. Your friendship, for one thing…

  16. I made a fantastic grilled cheese last night. I posted about it in my journal, so that may not be news to you, but it was the high point yesterday. I actually have the fixings for another one today (although I may need to buy a bit more cheese), so I’m going to try to duplicate it. I may add some pepper.

    • I had a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich along with a great bowl of chili at the Sutter’s Mill site when we were in California. I hadn’t expected the food to be all that good, and I was greatly (and presently) surprised!

      Hooray for good grilled cheese. Now I want to get another sandwich press.

      • 🙂 What did you like about the grilled cheese there? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

        • It was just well prepared. Thick buttery bread perfectl grilled so it’s got a crisp skin but still soft in the middle, with real chedder cheese inside. It took me back to childhood. Yum.

  17. Well, and I were supposed to go swimming at the local rec center tonight, but something came up for her so we’ll have to raincheck it.

    I really do want to bring her to OVFF in October. She’s an excellent flautist.

  18. I was on the phone to the publisher of the book that’s coming out in a little bit, and when I was talking about having podcasts as the primary content on the companion website, he said, “Oh, read the preface into a podcast, and we’ll put it on our website as well,” so people will listen to it and buy the book.

    Never was I so happy at having made a tech purchase at what I thought was a premature time. I’d already tested the equipment to do the recording at home. Ha!

    Bad stuff: I have to upgrade WordPress for at least one site because of PHP version switch. Ugh. But that’s at least a week away, so it’s forever.

    • Woo, podcasts. Something else I’d do in my copious spare time if I ever won the lottery. (Heck, if I wont hte lottery, I might just buy a radio station to amuse myself with. *grin*)

      Good luck with the upgrade!

  19. What’s wonderful and brilliant in my life?

    I got great sound bytes yesterday in my “Nashville Sessions”.
    I’m going to get to visit with tonight with .
    I’m in Nashville with my love instead of at home wishing I was…
    My courting dulcimer sounds lovely and when I fly back to Portland I’ll be able to pick up my new banjimmer.

    I think that’s enough oooh shiny for now. Suffice to say my week is going very well.

    Hope your crankies smooth out.

    • Nashville really is a nice town, though I’ve only visited it a couple of times. 🙂

      Please give Cat a hug for me?

      Hope your crankies smooth out.

      They always do, given time.

  20. I am now legally siiiiiiinnnnnngggggggglllllllleeee!!!!


  21. my mom leaves tomorrow! That is a very good thing -- she has been here since 2/22!

  22. My studies of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is going well, and it’s melding well with my practice of Buddhist meditation.

    Umm. That was really friggin’ obscure, so let me just say, instead “minor personal victories in various parts of my life”.

  23. I gave a friend a shiny gift of artwork, to say “you touch me and inspire me”, and they liked it as much as I hoped they would, and they’ve even already framed it. 😀

    • Yay! We still have both of your cards from last Valentine’s Day prominately displayed in the gallery. (Well, ok, they’re on the fridge. Same thing.)

  24. I just ordered ‘s album; that’s wonderful, neh?

    • Words cannot express how happy that makes me. 🙂 *hug*

      • I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t bought any new music in a long time. Man, it’s nice to be not-broke for a change. (Still poor, just not broke. So nice. And did I mention it’s nice?)

        • Oh yes. I am greatly looking forward to tomorrow’s paycheque, so I can start paying off the credit card debt I’ve run up over the last 3 months traveling.

          • We have no credit cards, so when we’re out of money, we’re out of money, and it’s either eat beans and rice all week, or borrow from the Bank of Mom. But things are looking up. Steady employment isn’t anything I’ve ever sought (I was a temp for 24 years), but I must say it has its bennies.

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