A few days ago, the syndicated comic strip Candorville ran this strip:

The strip prompted the following discussion on rec.arts.comics.strips:

aemeijers wrote:
> “Antonio E. Gonzalez” wrote in message
> news:00p1v2l4gsofm0stovvats4abbliehk6qb@4ax.com…
>> So . . .the goatee and eyepatch make that “Evil Lemont”?:
> The Goatee is from a ST TOS episode, but I don’t remember an eyepatch being
> involved.

I replied, almost jokingly:

Possibly the eyepatch is a reference to the 1970 Dr. Who episode “Inferno”?
Or am I overthinking this?

This morning, the artist who writes and draws Candorville, Darrin Bell, replied:

You’re definitely not overthinking this. I’m amazed that anyone caught that.

I have no words for how chuffed I feel right now. 🙂 *does a geeky little dance*