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Meme-archy in the UK

I am in London, safe and sound, and with only a small bit of drama. I have napped, so I don’t even feel like the walking dead anymore. But I will post about all that later. This is a memepost:

My Valentinr - autographedcat
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Leaving home for home

I’m sitting at the gate with bill and brenda.

Whoever said the heart cannot reside in two places is an idiot. Mines currently in at least five.

Miss you all already, Love you all. I’ll report in on the other side.

Down and safe

Got home about 8pm Atlanta time. I have been fed. I have been snuggled. Now I shall sleep.

New Song: Outbreak

Two things to note about this song. First of all, I have no idea what Ben Wakeman is going to think when he finds out we turned his beautiful song into this parody. I hope he’ll forgive us.

Second, this is really all for cadhla. Or all because of her. Or something.

by Rob Wynne and Larissa March
To the tune of: “The Overall Distance” by Ben Wakeman

Thirty miles from Memphis
There’s a wreck on the Interstate
Some folks burn and die,
While the rest reanimate.
They start to shamble towards my car
I think my time is running out
At first I feared they’d want to eat my brain
But now I don’t have any doubt.

It’s not the overall death toll,
But all the zombies on the way,
That send you fleeing from your home,
Make you run further every day.

There’s a dead woman next to me,
Right outside my Oldsmobile.
Half her body’s gone,
She’s too horrific to be real.
So young to be undead,
But she’s clawing at the door,
I think I could take her out myself,
But here come half a dozen more.

It’s not the overall death toll,
But all the zombies on the way,
That send you fleeing from your home,
Make you run further every day.

There’s a corpse standing by the on ramp
Gnawing on a dying man
His coat is stained with blood
He’s got a brain clutched in his hand
I could chop him into bits
And at first I think I will,
But his friends are closing in on me
And there’s more of them than I can kill.

It’s not the overall death toll,
But all the zombies on the way,
That send you fleeing from your home,
Make you run further every day.

There’s a terror I start to feel
I turn and run through open fields
I know the zombies are hot on my trail
And i won’t have a future if I fumble and fail
I’m a man on the run and I don’t know how long my life will last
I must escape the undead
I must escape the undead — run fast!
Run fast!

California, here we come…

So, no sooner had I returned from the UK, I booked another flight. We are officially going to Consonance. We’d been sortakinda planning this for some time, and I’d given our membership cheque to patoadam back at Gafilk, but until I was sure where the money situation was, I was reluctant to actually book the flights. But the flights are booked, so we’re definitely going to be at the con!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is as good a day as any to look about my life and notice that it is full of love and light, and that I am wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice when it comes to personal relationships. I could spend all day listing all the people who mean the world to me and why, but in keeping with the traditions of the day, I want to especially recognize my dearest sweeties:

sweetmusic_27: it’s been six weeks since you said “Welcome to my life”, and whether you realize it or not, you have brought me immeasurable joy by doing so. Even though you are far away from me now, you are ever in my thoughts and in my heart, and I look forward to the time we can next spend together.

aiela: I look back on where we both were when we met. Another world, and a lifetime away. Could you ever have imagined we’d end up where we are? Thank you for being part of the journey out of the darkness, and here’s to many more years of walking in the light.

kitanzi: My wife, my partner, my dearest companion. You are the foundation upon which my life is built, the star by which I navigate, and the home to which I will always return. You make everything I am possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves.

Well, that was definative.

One of the complaints I gave to my doctor during the course of the last year was how tired I am all the time, and she recommended that I go and have a sleep study done. So back in January, I went down to the Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia for a sleep study.

Today, I went in for the followup to find the results of the study. Dr. Wellman had predicted, just based on my description of symptoms, that I was suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. When I sat down in his office, he flipped open the chart, glanced at the report, and said “Well, you just about broke the record.”

During the course of the sleep study, I stopped breathing an average of 130 times an hour, and my oxygen levels dropped as low as 84%. No wonder I’m so fatigued all the time, if that’s the kind of sleep I’m getting!

I have to back in tomorrow to get set up with all the apparatus. Looks like I’m joining the growing legion of folks with CPAP machines. I wouldn’t say I’m looking *forward* to it, per se, but I *am* looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Valentinr wrap-up

I never got around to mentioning it, but thanks to everyone who signed the Valentines day gadget. It certainly made me feel warm and loved by each and everyone one of you.

I admit to being somewhat curious by two entries, both anonymous:

  • I think you’re pretty cute and pretty nice and pretty witty even though I don’t like filk!

    Gosh. If only I knew who you were. 🙂 (For the record, you don’t *have* to like filk. It’s just something I do. I do other things as well. :))

  • You, dear ACat, rock my socks. A more compassionate and caring friend one could not ask for and number one huggers like you are one in a million.

    *blush* Thanks. Again, I’m curious.

Now, I know the whole point of leaving anonymous comments is to be…well, anonymous. But, if either of those anonymous commenters would like to say “hi, that was me”, or indeed, if any of you would like to say anything at all to me, comments on this entry are screened. 🙂

Dr. Sleeplove, or How I Learned to Start Breathing and Love the CPAP

I took a half-day off on Friday so that I could go to the 2pm setup class at the clinic and get my device. This was relatively straight forward, as there were only 5 of us, and we had a good time sharing stories of our studies when the tech was out of the room. The unit they provided us was a ResMed S8 Compact, which seems to be an unremarkable but noncontroversial machine, from the research I’ve done since. (I still intend to followup on laurel‘s excellent advice, but for now, I figured I’d take what was given and not waste time.

As most people warned me, it is going to take some getting used to. The whole “there’s something strapped to my face” feeling really doesn’t phase me, but I’m finding that I’m hyper-conscious of my breathing at first. I’ll actually be thinking “Ok, breathe in…..and out……and in….and out.” Other than that, I don’t seem to have too many problems with it insofar as it being a distraction from falling asleep.

The other thing that’s going to take some getting used to is that I seem to only be sleeping in 3-4 hour increments. After about that much time, I’m waking up, and finding myself too wired to go back to sleep. So I’ll get up for about an hour or so, then try to go back to bed, and often succeed for another 2-3 hours. My co-worker Tim has suggested that I will probably find that I don’t actually need as much sleep as I used to, since the sleep I’m getting is higher quality, and he may turn out to be right. i would not actually mind a couple of extra hours in my day!

Of course, the bottom line, and the most important thing, is that I’m feeling a ton better after sleep, regardless of the length of time I actually spend doing it. When I wake up, I find I’m instantly awake, and no longer feel like I’m having to push a large weight off of my brain. While I don’t have the “bursting with energy like an ADD ferret on meth” sensation that some people reported after their first experience, I am feeling less fatigued, more alert, and generally more upbeat as a result.

Ultimate verdict: I think this is going to be a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who posted with encouragement, suggestions, resources, or just shared experiences. I really appreciated all of it.

Weekend Update: Bucket of Panda

I still need to actually talk about Gafilk and D'Zenove at some point, but I guess I can work backwards.

I took a half day off on Friday so I could go down to the Sleep Clinic for the CPAP orientation, returning home just long enough to drop things off before heading down to North Springs station to pick up aiela, who was visiting for the weekend. Traffic really wasn’t very bad, considering it was five-o-clock, and as a result I got to the station about 40 minutes before Angie did. (Insufferably slow baggage return on her end didn’t help this one bit.) We got back to the house and I made tacos for dinner while we all hung out and talked, and then watched an episode of The Daily Show together. kitanzi decided to make an early night of it, having slept poorly the night before, leaving me and Angie time to catch up with each other.

Saturday morning we got up and had a nice light breakfast of eggs and toast. kitanzi made a quick grocery run, and then, about noon, we all headed down to ZooAtlanta. I realize that it was 40F in the middle of February, but I have to say I’ve never seen the zoo look quite so deserted. The primary reason for our visit was to see the baby panda of course, and when we arrived at the Panda habitat, we found her sleeping in a bucket. Cutest. Thing. Ever. (Click on the picture to see more photos from the Zoo trip) We spent a lot of time in the reptile house, and were fortunate enough to be there when a couple of the zookeepers came around with a chinchilla and a bunny, which they were presenting and allowing folks to pet. If you’ve never petted a chinchilla before, you have no true understanding of the word “soft”. Wow, what amazing fur. I think it looks better on the animal than a coat, though.

We spent about 2.5 hours at the zoo, and while many of the animals were off exhibit due to the cold, we had a good time walking around the park. Once we’d run out of things to see and do, we headed back home I took a two hour nap before dinner, and then we headed over to bedlamhouse and ladyat‘s house for the February Gafia housefilk. Many of the usual suspects were there, including quadrivium, surrdave, thatcrazycajun and singing_phoenix, hawklady, weirdsister and her whole family. sffilk and joyeuse13 and abovenyquist. I was also delighted to see rslatkin attending, because….well, because I’m always delighted to see rslatkin. In addition to the normal crowd, the fellow from PBA30 who had been filming at Gafilk was there with his camera and setup, to get some more footage for the local interest piece he’s doing on filk. It’ll be interesting to see when he’s done.

Played a fair amount, starting off with “All For Me Swag” and “Dungeonville“. At a con, that’d have led to an hour or more of gaming filk, but tonight it went off in another direction. It was a nice, low-key circle, and I wandered in and out of it to socialize with folks in the kitchen as much as playing. (We had a short run of channelling vixyishabovenyquist played “Mal's Song“, which gave me an excuse to pull out “Aural Vixation“. Then someone asked if anyone could play the original “Girl Who's Never Been“, and since I had it right in front of me, agreed to play it. Somewhere in the middle of the last chorus, my voice leapt from my throat and ran from the room, leaving me with a hoarse squeak. Good thing it’s a singalong. *grin*) We had a fabulous time, and eventually headed home around 11:30pm, as I had a slight headache that wouldn’t go away.

Sunday morning, we went to lunch at the Cracker Barrel down the road, It was pretty busy by the time we got there, resulting in a 20 minute wait for a table, but we had a good time browsing the kitsch in the country store and reminiscing about candy we used to get as a kid that now only seems to exist in places like the Cracker Barrel Country Store. We finally got seated, and found ourselves in the hands of a wonderful waitress. Not only was she seriously cute (ever notice how no one is ever humorously cute?), but she was right on the spot with our orders and keeping our drinks filled. I’d have taken her home with us if I could, but since that probably wasn’t an option, I made sure that in addition to leaving a good time, we asked to speak to the manager when we left and gave her glowing praise. Servers like that really make a meal more enjoyable all around, and it’s nice to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

The rest of Sunday early afternoon was spent with me and aiela snuggling on the couch and being insufferably cute (or so kitanzi assures me). When the time came, I drove her down to the airport and we said goodbye, and she got on her plane and went home, and I came home, and that was the weekend. (I did get to have a nice long phone conversation with sweetmusic_27 that evening. She baked at me. It was brilliant fun.)

As weekends go, it’s really hard to beat faraway sweetie snuggles, music in good company, and a bucket of panda.

(Edit: serenejournal turned the photo into an icon! Glee!)

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