Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: March 7, 2007

Music You Can’t Live Without

For the benefit of the 40% or so of my friends list who don’t know about this

My dear friend cadhla, who is indeed one of the coolest things in the word either on or off of toast, is wrapping up the recording of her first studio album, Stars Fall Home.

I have already heard several rough mixes from this album. The word “breathtaking” If you like literate, musically challenging, story-oriented music with passion and depth, you want a copy of this album. (If you’re thinking “But, I don’t really like filk music, don’t worry. Seanan’s music is quite accessible to anyone. If you’re not sure, e-mail me privately, and I’ll provide you with a sample or two.)

Lucky for you, you can still pre-order it for a limited time.

Order early. Order often. Operators are standing by.


Today, I am teh cranky.

Had to get up at 3am this morning, ostensibly to do a mysql upgrade on our mail system, but things didn’t go smoothly, and now I’m at work, tired, and irritable.

So, cheer me up? Tell me what’s wonderful and brilliant in your life?

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