Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is as good a day as any to look about my life and notice that it is full of love and light, and that I am wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice when it comes to personal relationships. I could spend all day listing all the people who mean the world to me and why, but in keeping with the traditions of the day, I want to especially recognize my dearest sweeties:

sweetmusic_27: it’s been six weeks since you said “Welcome to my life”, and whether you realize it or not, you have brought me immeasurable joy by doing so. Even though you are far away from me now, you are ever in my thoughts and in my heart, and I look forward to the time we can next spend together.

aiela: I look back on where we both were when we met. Another world, and a lifetime away. Could you ever have imagined we’d end up where we are? Thank you for being part of the journey out of the darkness, and here’s to many more years of walking in the light.

kitanzi: My wife, my partner, my dearest companion. You are the foundation upon which my life is built, the star by which I navigate, and the home to which I will always return. You make everything I am possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves.


California, here we come…


Well, that was definative.


  1. What a *wonderful* entry. 🙂 *swoon*


    KAZAM! You’ve just been Valentined by an officially deputized Valentine Faerie. 🙂

    And here’s some Homemade Virtual Valentine’s chocolate for you:

  2. Awwwww….. *squeeee!*

    You are officially the cutest that was ever cute.

  3. Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you for everything you’ve brought to my life, and years of friendship and love.

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