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Gaming Night: Out of Context Theatre

From last night’s AD&D session:

“The journey of a thousand mohels begins with a single snip.” –me

(Context is enormous and will very likely kill us all….)

IM Improv

When hejira2006 and I were teenagers, we used to frequently amuse ourselves doing improv in our living rooms. In fact, somewhere, floating around the universe, are several audio cassettes of our improv radio shows. It’s a habit we’ve never actually gotten out of, and quite often one or the other of us will start an IM conversation with a cryptic remark. Sometimes we pick it up and run with it, and sometimes we don’t.

Today, we picked it up and ran with it. Here’s a little glimpse into the mind that is Jeff and Me:

Jeff: The streetcar is going up the hill
Rob: The dog barks at midnight
Rob: (This is news? The dog barks at everything. Stupid dog)
Jeff: But the dog barks in Morse code
Jeff: You’re supposed to have been recording the messages!
Rob: Oh. Sorry about that. Tea?
Jeff: Tea? Tea?!? TEA?!?!?!?

You’re talking about tea when weeks worth of PowerBall numbers have been lost for good?!?!?!?
Jeff: Oh well, at least we have the gerbil squeaks. I mean, thanks to you, we no longer have the dog as a confidence check, but, still, all is not lost.
Rob: Yes, well, no need to get worked up, old chap. Everything looks better after a good cuppa tea.
Jeff: So, what news from our friend the gerbil?
Rob: The cat seems to have eaten him sometime after Boxing Day. The children were devastated, but, cycle of life and all that, you know. Cream and sugar?
Jeff: Okay…I passed out. Now, where’s the fucking cat? What has the cat said since ingesting out friend the gerbil?
Rob: Er. Meow.
Rob: She seems quite definate about it. probably says it 20 or 30 times an hour. Biscuit?
Jeff: >:(
Jeff: Do you know…I mean, do you KNOW what the PowerBall is up to? Hmmmmm?
Rob: Attempting to overthrow our very way of life and enslave us all under their totalitarian regime, I imagine. Same as always. Try the scones, they’re quite good today.
Jeff: What we have here is…failure…to communicate.

You’re thinking of Paeur Bahl, the dictator of Snakitoba
Rob: Oh, quite. Nasty chap. He’s sorted then?
Rob: Oh. Do you really think that will work then? Seems a bit dodgy, as plans go. Still, as long as the kettle works, can’t be too bad.
Jeff: How did you get your license to operate with Sneaky Services (TM)(R)?????
Rob: My boy, I’ve been with Sneaky Services(TM)(R) since before your father was a hopeful gleam in your grandmother’s eye. Do try to calm down.
Jeff: But…you haven’t been decoding the dog’s bark, you let the cat eat the prognosticating gerbil, and you haven’t paying attention to a single word the cat said since. You forgot about the PowerBalll to overthrow Paeur Bahl, and your blathering about tea? Tea?!?!?!?
Rob: Yes, well, when things look especially dire, a good cup of tea is just the thing to get perspective, don’t you agree?
Rob: (Clive Anderson should buzz us out any moment now…)

(Yes, we really are like this pretty much all the time.)

SONG: Press Gang (Ya Got Trouble)

As many of you are aware, Market Street Films has been working on a documentary about the filk community. They’ve been absolutely wonderful to work with, very professional, and have become a part of our community. And yet, every time a convention approaches and word leaks out that they’re planning to be there, there’s invariably an outcry from a vocal minority of fans who are absolutely sure the sky will fall.

Now this is not unusual. That same vocal minority has hysterics every time there’s any word of press or publicity at a convention. And while I can understand a certain wariness of the press, given past treatment of fandom in the media from time to time, to hear them talk you’d think that it was a cataclysm occurring in our midst, with dire warnings of what will happen if we allow Those People to come to Our Convention.

But I was thinking, yknow, if they really wanna sell the idea, they need a song. So I wrote one.

Hello, My name is Gascon, and I will be your meme for the evening

Seen all over my flist today, but first vectored from kitanzi:

“Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.”

Historic cat

This morning, our cat Dayna (seen in my userpic) was being very annoying. kitanzi finally got fed up and this conversation ensued:

kitanzi: Dayna, stop it. You’re obnoxious!
autographedcat: And disliked.
kitanzi: You know that’s true.
autographedcat: Yes, I do.
kitanzi: And apparently historical.

Dear lord, our cat is the reincarnation of John Adams.

A meme is like an onion.

Typo inspired neologism

I type very well, though you’d not know it to chat with me on IM.

So I’m having a conversation with rslatkin about relationships, and particularly long-distance ones. I pointed out that I haven’t actually started a non-LDR in over 15 years, though it wasn’t on purpose. I wrote: “I don’t seek out LDRs. i don’t tend to seek relationships at all. i tend to meet people, get to know them, eventually realize there’s a lot of connection, and the relationship just evoloves.”

Now, “evoloves” was a typo, but it’s just begging to be a word, so I thought about it and formulated this:

Evolove (v): undergo the process by which a friendship turns into a romantic relationship over a period of time, often without the direct effort or intention of the parties involved. 🙂

I’ve been happy with the way things have been evoloving in my life recently.

A fitting tribute

This came out of discussion tonight on #filkhaven. Someone had the genesis of the idea, and I tossed out a couple of lines and bookwyrm_com picked it up and ran with it.

And she did a fine, fine job.

When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Like Dave Alway


“I’m a conservative, but I’m not mad at everybody over it. And I think that one of the things I’ve had to realize is that…for example, I’m pro-life, but I think life begins at conception, but I don’t think it ends at birth. We have to be concerned about a child’s education, and health care, safe neighborhoods, clean water, the access to a college education. That is pro-life, to care about a child’s entire life and it’s consistent with what I think we need to be talking about.”
–Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR), on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

In memory of Dave Alway

peteralway has announced that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Dave’s memory to Interfilk:

I think that would please Dave immensely. He was a tireless supporter of Interfilk, and donated all the proceeds from his button projects to the organization. He was always so pleased when he could say to me, “Well, there was $20 in the jar, and I just gave it to Interfilk.”

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