I never got around to mentioning it, but thanks to everyone who signed the Valentines day gadget. It certainly made me feel warm and loved by each and everyone one of you.

I admit to being somewhat curious by two entries, both anonymous:

  • I think you’re pretty cute and pretty nice and pretty witty even though I don’t like filk!

    Gosh. If only I knew who you were. 🙂 (For the record, you don’t *have* to like filk. It’s just something I do. I do other things as well. :))

  • You, dear ACat, rock my socks. A more compassionate and caring friend one could not ask for and number one huggers like you are one in a million.

    *blush* Thanks. Again, I’m curious.

Now, I know the whole point of leaving anonymous comments is to be…well, anonymous. But, if either of those anonymous commenters would like to say “hi, that was me”, or indeed, if any of you would like to say anything at all to me, comments on this entry are screened. 🙂