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Interview Meme Redux

Here’s the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate!
3. You will update your lj with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

(Note: In the past, I’ve done this and some of the questions didn’t end up getting answered, I intended to get around to them, but the hard drive I’d kept them all on in order to make sure they got done crashed and I didn’t have a backup of it, so I apologize for those that I didn’t get to. This time, I intend on answering things in a much more timely fashion.)

from kitanzi from all of us here in Michigan? Greed? Unwillingness to share? Is she a robot? What??

kitanzi refuses to travel to any state or country that resembles a part of the human body. This is why we have also never been to Florida or Italy. It’s nothing personal. (You’ll get to meet her at aiela‘s wedding.)

3) If you were forced for some reason to live the rest of your life with a small mammal in your front shirt pocket at all times, what mammal would you choose? Would the inability to wear shirts without a front pocket wear on you?

A kitten, because girls love cute kittens, and besides, if you have a kitten in your pocket, how cool is that? I think I’d manage to live with only having shirts with pockets. I mean, it’s not really a huge imposition.

4) What is the ultimate super-power to have?

Right at this moment, I’d go with teleportation with an unlimited range. Because the world is just way too big.

5) What is the super-power to avoid at all costs?

The ability to change into a snake. It never helps.

from [lj user=aiela>:1. If you could learn one new musical instrument, and learn it well, what would it be?

It wouldn’t kill me to learn the guitar well, but that’s beside the point. 🙂 Having to choose just one instrument to play well other than the one I already know, I’d have to go with piano. There’s really nothing more versatile than a keyboard, and I’ve always admired people who do play it well.

2. Favorite memory of [lj user=kitanzi>?Wow. that’s not an easy question, really. I have *so many* good memories of Kitanzi. But I’d probably have to with that Sunday at OVFF in 2001, when we slipped off to the back hallway by the grand piano to have a private conversation, and I hesitantly asked “May I kiss you?” She said yes, and the rest is history.

Valentine’s Day last year was pretty memorable too, but that’s not for public discussion. *blinks innocently*

3. You and I have the opportunity to go away for the weekend to anywhere in the world. Where would it be, and what would we do?

We’d go to a beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and we’d spend the weekend enjoying time at one of the more beautiful places I know.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a rock star. Sometimes I think I still do. 🙂

5. Who is your favorite House character, other than House, and why?

Other than House? Hmmmm. Cameron is certainly easy on the eyes, and that’s no small thing. Prior to this season, though, I’d have had to say my favourite character was Wilson. I’ve been a bit unhappy with him this season, but then, I was pretty unhappy with the whole Tritter arc in general.

from [lj user=kitanzi>:1. What do you think you would feel – and what would you do – if your dad suddenly called up and said he wanted to get to know you again?

I’d certainly invite him to do that, though until I saw how that was going to go, I’m not sure I’d make any real effort to go out of my way to make it happen. If I ever had children, I suppose I’d at least make the effort to let him know, but since I haven’t and have no plans to, I really don’t have a basis for communication with him.

2. What do you want for your birthday?

I’m not sure, at the moment. Ask me again when we’re closer to the date.

3. Are there any funny Little Rob stories you haven’t told me yet, and if so what?

Oh, I’m sure there are, but none spring to mind. You’ve heard most of the ones that occur to me to be worth retelling. If you really want the goods on me as a kid, you should probably talk to either my mother or to Jeff when he comes to visit.

4. As someone who lives with me, what’s the most irritating thing I do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis? Nothing, really. Unless it’s engaging in semantic arguments because you’re bored, but you don’t even do that *every* day. I suppose I could say “Go to bed so darn early.”, but that’s not really so irritating as it just a fact of our different natural circadian rhythms.

5. When’s the last time you wrote something to go into Aphelion?

Well, Iain Muir has been taking stuff off my songbook page and publishing it for some time, as I gave him carte blanche to use any of my stuff he wanted without checking first. But the last thing I wrote specifically for Aphelion was, I think, my review of Phoenix's "Into the Fire" cd.

from [lj user=yellowmouser>:1) Who is your least favorite celeb?

I’m not certain I actually have one. I don’t really pay close attention to celebrities, as a rule. I suppose at the moment, I’d choose Anna Nicole Smith, but mostly because I can’t believe the media are still talking about her! Seriously, was this C-list trollop really worth 2 solid weeks of around-the-clock coverage?

“And this just in, it has been revealed that the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s infant daughter is, in fact, Generalissimo Francisco Franco. As of this report, both parents are still dead.”


2) What is your favorite Little Debbie snack cake?

Swiss Cake Rolls. I try not to buy them, because they’re so not good for me. But yum.

3) What is your favorite genre of pr0n?

I prefer amateur productions that are well made and show the participants genuinely happy and having fun. Firegirls is a good example, as is Abby Winters I also like the artistic focus of a site like Domai (Note: obviously, none of these links are safe for work).

4) Ninjas or Pirates?

“Ninjas? Pirates? A Jedi cares not about these.” (credit to a t-shirt by Instant Attitudes)

5) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I’d lose about 100 pounds of weight. I have no desire to ever be “thin”, but I also have no desire to be on medication forever for hypertension and diabetes.


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  1. Interview me? (Just remember, my mom and in-laws read my blog! 😮 )

    • You could always answer them here, if you’re worried about the questions and answers. A couple of people have done that on mine.

    • Five Parent-safe questions.

      1. What’s the best experience you’ve had dancing? What made it stand out?

      2. Does ever wander so completely off into geekspace that he ceases to speak anything you can identify as English? If so, how do you reset him when he does?

      3. You have a sudden windfall and can make one improvement or addition to your house. What do you do?

      4. What language that you don’t already speak would you most like to learn?

      5. What’s something you saw on your recent trips to Europe that isn’t a standard tourist destination, but something that anyone travelling to that area should make an effort to seek out?

  2. Interview me, please.

    • Hey, Everybody, It’s Music Time!

      1. Due to a sudden windfall, you are able to buy one musical instrument. What do you get.

      2. You’re given the ability to put together a rock supergroup, drawing from any living musicians you like. Who’s in the band? Why?

      3. Now put together another band, only this time drawing from filk musicians.

      4. Of all the radio stations you’ve ever listened to, which was your favourite?

      5. You’ve just come into possession of an FM station. What’s the format?

  3. Swiss Cake Rolls. *drool*


    Interview me, please?

    • 1. Your profile says you’re a Reiki Master. How does that work, exactly. (I’ve experienced it. I know it does work. I just can’t figure how.)

      2. What’s your favourite place you’ve lived?

      3. It’s the beginning of fall in your 13th year. What’s the coolest thing that happened to you all summer?

      4. What is your favourite British comedy? Why does it rise above the rest?

      5. You list food porn as an interest. What’s your favourite “show off” dish? Include the recipe, and explain what makes it so cool.

    • Getting to know you.

      1. Who are you? (Seriously, Aside from knowing you’re a friend of friends, I haven’t a clue. Introduce yourself!)

      2. We have friends in common. How did you meet them?

      3. I know who the Grey Mouser is. Why are you the Yellow Mouser?

      4. What was your first convention experience?

      5. What was your most memorable convention experience?

  4. Just to point out to anyone who thinks I’m a robot or something, you COULD always come visit US…

  5. Ooh, do me!

    Erm, I mean interview me!

    • Ooh, do me!

      Well then…. 🙂

      Erm, I mean interview me!

      Oh…alright then…

      1. What’s your favourite baseball movie? Why?

      2. We’ve just been discussing outing oneself at job interviews. What’s the most disasterous reaction you’ve ever gotten to that?

      3. How about the funniest?

      4. Why are you a reluctant vegan?

      5. What’s your favourite happy poly experience?

    • 1. Tell me about the best gig you ever had as a musician. What made it stand out?

      2. What do you do to afford your life? (In other words, what’s your day job?)

      3. What’s your favourite song you’ve written, and how did you come to write it?

      4. Do you have a “process” for writing songs?

      5. You have the opportunity to put out a restrospective on any one band or arist that you feel is tragically unknown and/or forgotten. Who do you choose and why?

  6. If it’s okay for me to answer here rather than in my own journal, interview me please?

    • 1. You are given the opportunity to create a “command performance” concert. Who do you choose to perform, and what songs?

      2. How did you and get together?

      3. All logistics are taken care of to allow you and me to go anywhere in the world for a week. Where do we go and why?

      4. You have the power to relocate three households anywhere you want, in such a way that they will have access to all resources they would need in their new location (jobs, housing, etc). Who do you move to where, and why?

      5. You are granted the ability to spend one day with any person from any point in history. Who do you choose to spend the day with? Why? What would you say or do with them?

      • 1) Paul Simon and whoever he wants with him. The complete contents of “Graceland” and “Rhythm of the Saints.” Preferably in Central Park.

        2) We met at GaFilk after knowing each other slightly through LJ for a while (I’d poked into his journal since I knew he was involved with cflute and was curious about him), and hit it off. Nothing actually started there because I was attending that convention with a different partner and had no intention of breaking the date I was on for a different one, but things fell into place via some long emails and phone calls over the following weeks.

        3) Probably London, since I know it’s someplace we both like and I don’t know all that much about where *else* you like. But I’d be open to suggestion!

        4) Mine, to Seattle, into part of the HHH (Huge Honking House) that we intend to share with technoshaman, jenkitty and cflute someday. Them, into the same house, since they’re already in the city. Whichever other set of my friends would like to be in Seattle to someplace nearby — I don’t *want* to move people who aren’t interested in moving, they wouldn’t be happy there even if the logistics did work.

        5) I am seriously tempted to say “Jesus, with a videorecorder to tape answers about how his followers ought to behave,” except it wouldn’t help; the ones who’d need to know wouldn’t believe the videotape. Assuming there were no language barriers involved and I could understand and participate, I’d spend it with Socrates, arguing.

    • 1. What was your best ever filkcon experience?

      2. Given an hour to perform a concert and the ability to draft anyone from the filk community to be in the band, Who is in the band?

      3. You already speak a few languages to some degree. Given the ability to fluently speak and read one language, which one do you choose? Why?

      4. You have the opportunity to put out a restrospective on any one band or arist that you feel is tragically unknown and/or forgotten. Who do you choose and why?

      5. You’re chair of a filkcon. (Wait, don’t panic, this is just hypothetical!) Who is your dream guest lineup?

  7. I think I did this last time, but again would be nice. 🙂

    • 1. How are you guys settling in after the big move?

      2. Compare and contrast the Pacific Northwest and New England.

      3. You have the opportunity to make contact with three people from the old CSNEWS/UMNEWS project. Who do you make contact with, and why?

      4. What net community that you’ve been a part of has had the most influence in your life? Why?

      5. As your children get older, what interests are they starting to pursue?

      • Answers

        “1. How are you guys settling in after the big move?”

        Pretty well -- be better if I actually had income instead of assistance. 🙁

        “2. Compare and contrast the Pacific Northwest and New England.”


        “3. You have the opportunity to make contact with three people from the old CSNEWS/UMNEWS project. Who do you make contact with, and why?”

        ANDY@MAINE, but it looks like he’s moved. I don’t remember any other names, this far out….

        “4. What net community that you’ve been a part of has had the most influence in your life? Why?”

        The FoxPro community, because it’s provided me with over a decade of support, some of which has spilled over into the non-net world.

        “5. As your children get older, what interests are they starting to pursue?”

        Art and music. Big surprise, huh? 🙂

  8. Interview me please?

    • 1. Do you find fannish audiences react differently than Scadian ones?

      2. What do you lke best about where you are living now?

      3. What’s your favorite memory from performing with your group.

      4. What are you artistic plans for the future?

      5. What’s the biggest challenge in keeping a musical group together?

  9. Oh, sure--go ahead and interview me

    • 1. What was your most satisfying musical experience?

      2. While studying astronomy, what has most awe-struck you?

      3. How did you get into model rocketry?

      4. How might you go about designing a working lego rocket?

      5. Do you plan to write/publish any more books?

    • Tell me about the following of your interests:

      1. eriogonums?

      2. primary education of the camiroi?

      3. teaching as a subversive activity?

      4. shooting compliments in a barrel?

      5. What was your best experience with ‘satiable curtiosity?

  10. I am overtaken with a brave impulse to volunteer for all sort of interviewingeeing. Do me?

    • 1. Tell me the story of how you first got together with ?

      2. And how did you and hook up?

      3. If you and I were to spend a weekend, what would you like to do together?

      4. What’s something you’ve doen in the past that you’d really like to do again?

      5. What’s something you’ve never done that you’d really like to try?

  11. *ahem* Interview me?

  12. ok, i’ll bite, Interview me?

  13. I would be honored if you would interview me.

  14. Okay…I’ll Jump

    Interview me….or at the very least provide me with a really good drink. =)

  15. 1. Would you ever leave USA to go live in UK?

    2. What’s your favourite aspect of life in UK?

    3. Tell us a happy poly story about an other than your primary relationship.

    4. If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive?

    5. Do you think USA is too religious, not religious enough, or just right?

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