Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Historic cat

This morning, our cat Dayna (seen in my userpic) was being very annoying. kitanzi finally got fed up and this conversation ensued:

kitanzi: Dayna, stop it. You’re obnoxious!
autographedcat: And disliked.
kitanzi: You know that’s true.
autographedcat: Yes, I do.
kitanzi: And apparently historical.

Dear lord, our cat is the reincarnation of John Adams.


A meme is like an onion.


Hello, My name is Gascon, and I will be your meme for the evening


  1. Mmm. You do recall, I hope, that the obnoxious-and-disliked one was also right

  2. Obviously, someone ought to open up a window and let the cat out.

    • Seeing as we’re not actually annoyed enough with her to kill her (or let the idiots roaring around the parking lot do it), no.

  3. I didn’t know you were in Philadelphia…

    • We’d go, but it’s hot as hell there.

      (I’ve actually never been to Philadelphia. I had breakfast in Bell Mawr, NJ once, just the other side of the state line from it, but I haven’t had the occaision to visit it (or indeed, the entire state of PA. I once did that meme where you mark the states you’d visited in red, and I had PA surrounded, but had never gotten inside. *grin*)

  4. “For God’s sake, John, SIT DOWN!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Are you saying you have the cat who is always the first in line to be hanged?

    • Well, she’s working on it. Microwaved may be more likely.

      • Heh… she can join the one that I was considering making into stew last night.

        • I threaten to flush her down the toilet on a regular basis, but does she believe me? Nooooooo……

          • Mine don’t believe similar threats from me, either.

            I’m not quite sure why…

            * looks at array of sleeping cats scattered around her on the sofa *

            Nope… don’t understand it at all…

  6. I’ve gathered most of the reference from context of the replies, but….what is the actual John Adams story here?

  7. “our cat is the reincarnation of John Adams.”

    Cat, singular? I thought you guys had two cats. Assuming so, who is your other cat the reincarnation of? Abigail? Maybe you could rename your cats Salt and Peter, or Pins and Needles? 🙂

    Ann O.

  8. Doesn’t need to vote for independancy … already there!


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