I type very well, though you’d not know it to chat with me on IM.

So I’m having a conversation with rslatkin about relationships, and particularly long-distance ones. I pointed out that I haven’t actually started a non-LDR in over 15 years, though it wasn’t on purpose. I wrote: “I don’t seek out LDRs. i don’t tend to seek relationships at all. i tend to meet people, get to know them, eventually realize there’s a lot of connection, and the relationship just evoloves.”

Now, “evoloves” was a typo, but it’s just begging to be a word, so I thought about it and formulated this:

Evolove (v): undergo the process by which a friendship turns into a romantic relationship over a period of time, often without the direct effort or intention of the parties involved. 🙂

I’ve been happy with the way things have been evoloving in my life recently.