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So, I’m not sure what precisely I did to aggravate my back, but about 3 weeks ago, I went to stand up from my computer and all the muscles in my lower back seized up. This was Not Fun. It didn’t remain completely locked up, but was sore the rest of the day, and I booked myself a massage to try and get things loosened up. That helped considerably, and over the next week or so, it felt like things were getting better.

Then, Wednesday morning, it happened again. This time, I called for a doctor’s appointment.

After being prodded and stretched and generally looked over, I was given two prescriptions, a sheet of exercises, and the suggestion that I come back in two weeks if I’m not feeling better.

What a drag it is getting old…


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  1. BTDT

    I also have 8 fused vertebrae, which make certain exercises impossible.

    A most useful infobit:
    The skeletal muscles work in pairs; tightening one gets the brain telling the other to let go.

    Thus, you can loosen a tight muscle on one side by tightening the partner on the other against a static object (so you don’t pull on the tight one), then hold it for a minute or two (so long as it isn’t hurting -- that means stop!), and relax. Now try moving the affected area -- feel any difference? You may need to repeat a couple times. If you do this on both sides, it can loosen up the area so you can move freely. I do this with my neck a lot!

    With the spine, I get on my back with a pillow under the knees (this straightens the spine a bit) and gently curl up a minimal amount and hold it. This tactic seems to help me a lot; YMMV.

    Hang in there.

    BJ (of OVFF)

    • Re: BTDT

      FYI, BJ gives good advice, esp medical-type. She is a good friend of mine and works at the health dept with me, in a different area. *hugs* gently, of course.

    • Re: BTDT


      With the spine, I get on my back with a pillow under the knees (this straightens the spine a bit) and gently curl up a minimal amount and hold it. This tactic seems to help me a lot; YMMV.

      That’s one of the exerises I was given to do. πŸ™‚

      Hang in there.
      I’m hangin’!

      • Re: hanging

        Oh -- thats another one -- if you’ve got a sturdy bar across the top of a doorway, you hang from it and let your back stretch out a bit.


  2. *healing hugs*

    But you’re WAY too young to get old!

  3. What a drag it is getting old…

    Well, I wouldn’t know about that of course, but I know that not all that long ago I was in some AWFUL pain vis a vis my back. I solved my problem by taking sleeping pills for a week so that the pain wouldn’t keep me awake and perpetuate the vicious cycle, and eventually the pain went away. I expect it back eventually — such pain is part of my CFIDS — but that was my temporary solution.

    Dunno if it’d help you though. But really, back pain doesn’t have to equal age…

    • Oh, I know. I’m just hobbling about with a cane (to shift soem of my weight up to my shoulders and give myself something to push against when I stand up) and feeling generally crotchety.

      To be honest, I’ve always hada bit of a bad back, since I was a teenager. This is worse than normal, though.

      I hvae muscle relaxants to take at night, which I sxpect will have much the same effect as sleeping pills, if last night is anything to go by.

      • *snugs* Best of luck, sweets.

        Hey, I ganked a pic of meself and Gwen off your gallery, since I don’t have any pics of us together; I’ve noted it’s taken by you. Is that okay?

        • Oh, absolutely. I generally ask only two things, if people want to use one of my photographs on the web:

          1) Make a local copy, so you’re not pulling my bandwidth
          2) Credit me as the photographer.

          And you already did those two things, apparently, so all is good! πŸ™‚

      • I’ve had back problems since college, so no, it’s not old age creeping up, or at least not entirely…

        I did have a therapist give me muscle relaxants once. I relaxed so much I slept for 14 hours. πŸ˜›

      • A bit belated on this, due to being at NEFFA, but using a cane to help you stand up is not a good idea. It’s only a one point base. Chosen One strongly suggests you use whatever you’re sitting on as a (much more stable) aid.

        Hope you’re doing better by now.

        Ann O.

  4. What a drag it is getting old…
    But, as points out to me regularly, it beats the alternative. *hugs* Hope it’s better soon.

  5. Hugs.

    Well you know -- we’re too old to rock and rolll but the good news is… we’re too young to die! πŸ˜‰

  6. I hope your poor back gets to feeling better soon. *hugs*

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