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Musing on Love and Relationships: A Statement of Intent

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been musing a lot on love and relationships lately. Thinking about why I love the people I do, and what I want from and what I get from the people who love me. Part of this has included re-reading old journal entries and e-mails, and in the process of doing that, I came across this entry from early 2004, which was written in response to a series of questions one of the people I love asked in her journal. Rereading it, I realized that in that post, I had very neatly summed up my ideals and convictions on the subject.

So, I’m reposting it here, but this time as a statement of intent. This is what I think about love, this is what I want from my partners, and these are the ideals that I shall endeavor to live up to in each of my relationships. This is a declaration of who I am and what you can expect from me.

Improbable Gifts for the adult

There is a drawback…

So, on #filkhaven, the discussion came around for some reason to scouting, leading to this discussion:

mew: Oh man… I am seriously going through nostalgia here. I’m looking at all these camp songs I haven’t heard in years and years because one of C’s teachers was trying to remember the words to one. Sheesh. 🙂
Mary: *grin*
Mary: It would be fun to have a “camp songs” theme filk
***phydeaux_busy goes off to get more tea and a plateful of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Hitch: I once got away with singing a ‘camp song’ at the first UK filk Con
Hitch: well, not so much camp as Cub Scout…we used to be known as Wold Cubs, but that was before the Scouting association banned lycanthropy
Mary: *blink* What’s Wold?
Hitch: could be Wolf Cubs but based in the Cotswolds
phydeaux_busy: Maybe it’s Woad Cubs..they DO have that blue uniform, and to save on cloth…

Which lead of course, to imagining the Woad Cubs, and the filky part of my brain kicked in:

What’s the use of badge for merit
which proclaims you raised a ferret
if you’ve got nowhere to wear it
once it’s been bestowed?

Oh to have a sash of cotton
to sew patches that you’ve gotten
Instead all we’ve got’s this rotten
uniform of woad!

Questions Meme

Back in the spring when the interview meme was going around again, I solicited a bunch of questions from people, and then promptly fell off the side of the Earth and never answered a lot of them. I did keep them, however, and even had some of them already answered and ready to post, so, figuring that its better late than never, here are another 20 from nrivkis, artbeco, it_aint_easy, and bardling.

If you’d like to ask me five questions, or indeed, five more questions, feel free to.


“We all have chosen the “wrong” decision at some time or another which has drastically affected our lives. You can’t change any of those things. I wouldn’t so much dwell on the past. I’d put that same energy and time into changing things now. We learn from our mistakes and try not to make them again.”
–Becca Allen (chirosinger)

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In response to my last post, eiblyn mentioned having the Thoreau quote on a magnet on her fridge, which reminded me of the magnet I have on my fridge and I thought I’d post it.

“live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard.
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.”
–mary anne radmacher

As a credo, I could do much worse.

Quotes and contemplations

I keep a quotes file. I’ve kept a quotes file since I was in college, although my original one was in a notebook and got lost in the fire, so the one I have currently only dates back a few years. In it, I note things that strike me as either funny or profound. Some of them are from famous people, but many of them are just things that see in the course of reading Livejournal or Usenet or mailing lists or whatever i happen to be perusing.

Sometimes, I go through it to see what jumps out at me, and then I ponder that for a while. It’s a good way of focusing my mind, and sometimes I’ll find that something hits me with a different or deeper meaning than it did when I first selected it.

Penny for the Guy and One for All!

Tomorrow, November 5th, is Guy Fawkes Day, and the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. What’s that all about, you say? All is explained by scarletdemon.

In 1605, English Catholics were angry that they did not have equal rights, so their leader (Pope Trevor the Third) signed what Catholics call a “Fatwa” and sent it to Guy Fawkes to be carried out. Fawkes assembled a band of like-minded terrorists and they decided to assassinate King James I, his family, and most of the Protestant aristocracy, in one fell swoop, by blowing up the Houses of Parliament during the State Opening. They saw themselves as soldiers of fortune, helping people in need. But who were these desperate men? Guy Fawkes had chosen some of the best minds in pyrotechnic history: Himself, George Handel, Arthos, Porthos, Shakespeare, Dogtanian and fuse specialist Artemis Richlieu. Their famous cry of “Penny For The Guy And One For All!” has become a regular catch-phrase for children begging outside corner-shops (with their Guy Fawkes effigies), even today.

(Thanks to sclerotic_rings for the pointer…)


Best. Alarm Clock. Ever. 🙂

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