Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: November 11, 2005

There is a drawback…

So, on #filkhaven, the discussion came around for some reason to scouting, leading to this discussion:

mew: Oh man… I am seriously going through nostalgia here. I’m looking at all these camp songs I haven’t heard in years and years because one of C’s teachers was trying to remember the words to one. Sheesh. 🙂
Mary: *grin*
Mary: It would be fun to have a “camp songs” theme filk
***phydeaux_busy goes off to get more tea and a plateful of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Hitch: I once got away with singing a ‘camp song’ at the first UK filk Con
Hitch: well, not so much camp as Cub Scout…we used to be known as Wold Cubs, but that was before the Scouting association banned lycanthropy
Mary: *blink* What’s Wold?
Hitch: could be Wolf Cubs but based in the Cotswolds
phydeaux_busy: Maybe it’s Woad Cubs..they DO have that blue uniform, and to save on cloth…

Which lead of course, to imagining the Woad Cubs, and the filky part of my brain kicked in:

What’s the use of badge for merit
which proclaims you raised a ferret
if you’ve got nowhere to wear it
once it’s been bestowed?

Oh to have a sash of cotton
to sew patches that you’ve gotten
Instead all we’ve got’s this rotten
uniform of woad!

Questions Meme

Back in the spring when the interview meme was going around again, I solicited a bunch of questions from people, and then promptly fell off the side of the Earth and never answered a lot of them. I did keep them, however, and even had some of them already answered and ready to post, so, figuring that its better late than never, here are another 20 from nrivkis, artbeco, it_aint_easy, and bardling.

If you’d like to ask me five questions, or indeed, five more questions, feel free to.

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