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So, for this and the other reason, I haven’t gotten around to talking about OVFF. The truth is, due to some personal distractions, I missed a lot of the con itself, but there definitely were some highlights that I wanted to mention.

  • Seeing everyone. The main reason I go to cons is to connect with my family, and it’s always wonderful to see folks. I was especially happy that I got to spend some extra time with maedbh7, cadhla, catalana, nrivkis, and ladymondegreen, and it was very nice to meet folks like vixyish and stakebait who I had either not met before, or only met briefly in passing at a previous event. People are what make filkcons rock.
  • The Thursday night informal mingle. Lots of talking, and greeting and catching up and having no where in particular to be. Special thank go out to my wonderful, warm, and lovely pillowlap. 🙂
  • Having a wonderful, snuggly sleeping partner on Thursday night. Even if I did wake up in the middle of the night and momentarily think you were dead.
  • Helping load up the sound equipment to be brought to the con and getting to spend a little time catching up with fuzzyvanman and rms_butterfly.
  • cadhla‘s concert. Wow. Wow wow wow. Now, cadhla‘s been stressing over this gig since, well, since she got it, and while I never had any doubt that she’d be amazing, because, duh, she is, she blew away even my lofty expectations. Without a doubt one of the best hours of music I’ve sat and listened to in many a year.
  • Frank Hayes’s concert was also delightful. I was especially amused to walk up to him after he left the stage in time to hear him mutter to himself “Well, that didn’t completely suck.” It’s refreshing at times to be reminded that the legends often still have the same foibles as the rest of us, and go through the same pain and effort to bring forth their small creations, however effortless they make it seem.
  • chirosinger‘s concert. I only got to hear part of this, but it was lovely. I really need to spend more time listening to her stuff, because it’s always marvelous.
  • The Interfilk auction. The auction is always fun, but this year was especially entertaining, with wenches running everywhere and Bob the Auctioneer back in the saddle after a year off. I swear, I wish we could get Bob to travel to the other filkcons, because he adds so much to the experience with his obvious enjoyment of our unorthodox event. I only bid on one thing, which very swiftly shot out of my price range, but I got wenched by cadhla, which eased the sting of missing out on the item.
  • The Sunday Pool party. The dead dog pool bash has become a tradition at filkcons that have indoor pools, and we made good use of it here. There was much splashing and laughter and merriment, and it made me happy.
  • Wild Mercy’s concert on Sunday. If I weren’t so strapped, I’d have bought the store out on their stuff. Utterly groovin’, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.
  • Most of all, having at my side the most wonderful person anyone could ever hope to meet in a lifetime. Four years ago, at this very con, in this very hotel, I connected with the woman who become my sweetie, my partner, and my wife. Happy anniversary, love. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the life we have together than surrounding ourself with music and family and love.

To people who didn’t seen enough of me, or to whom I may have seemed distant or withdrawn, I apologize. It was entirely me, and nothing to do with you. I hope the next time we meet, I’ll be more engaged and less aloof.

I did take a lot of pictures, some of which even came out well. I’m already looking forward to next year’s con, which I know will be a lot of fun, as always.

All dressed up and…

Today, I am at work all dressed up for Halloween. Lacking any actual foresight into this event, I simply put on my Renfaire outfit with pirate shirt and plumed hat. This is making me happy for many reasons, not the least of which that this outfit reminds me fondly of telynor, who traded me this shirt for a denim jacket, and of maedbh7, who enthusiastically shared with me her passion for Renfaires.

Last night, kitanzi and I went to joyeuse13 and abovenyquist‘s house for dinner. We had Thai Chicken and Rice and Broccoli with cheese sauce and it was all extremely yummy, and we sat and talked and had a very enjoyable time.

Earlier on Sunday, we went to the gym. This was the first time I’d made it there since the day before we flew to OVFF, and I was quite pleased to discover that I have continued to lose weight. I am now down nearly 20 pounds from where i started, without *really* trying. One of my goals starting here in November is to get up on that horse and really stay on it, and see if I can find the lower side of 300 again before too long.

Saturday was mostly quiet. tarkrai came over in the afternoon and I went out to keep him company on some shopping errands he had to do. It’s vaguely amusing to me that I probably see *less* of him now that he lives 3 miles from me than I did when he lived in Michigan, but we’re trying to change that. We came back from shopping (where I picked up two copies of the just released City of Villains) and had a marvelous dinner of ham steak and sweet potatoes.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. When’s the next one due? 🙂

quote of the day

“The struggle is good. Being unsure of what God is calling you to is good.
Wrestling with angels and demons in the wilderness is good. Not knowing is
good. Being afraid is good. Being real and human and wanting truth so bad
that you can taste it is good.”
–Gordon Atkinson (Real Live Preacher)

Dental followup

Got an appointment for 9am at the dentists, and called into work to let them know I would be late. Drove down to be attended to and arrived about 10 minutes early, got my information updated with them, and sat down to read comics on the free Internet station they have in their lobby.

Finally got called back, and they took x-rays of the wisdom tooth and confirmed that yep, it needed to come out. And out it came, all while I breathed deep on the laughing gas and watched CNN on a TV mounted on the ceiling.

Best. Dentist. Ever.

Seriously, I love these guys. They are pleasant, efficient, and almost entirely pain-free. And don’t underestimate the value of having a pretty girl pat you and tell you you’re doing fine to calm the nerves. 🙂

If you live in Atlanta, I cannot strongly enough recommend DentalTLC in Sandy Springs. If you don’t live in Atlanta, I think you should COME to Atlanta and see them anyway.

Starting to feel the side of my face again. i imagine by the time I get home, I’ll want some painkillers again. But for the moment, all is well, at least with regards to my mouth.

Vulnerability announced in Skype client

F-Secure just announced that a remote exploit vulnerability has been found in the Skype chat client. People are advised to update immediately.

I know a lot of people on my flist use Skype regularly, so I wanted to make sure and point it out.

Just what I needed

Came home last night after a not-bad catchup day at work, expecting to have a nice dinner and then go gaming at bedlamhouse‘s, as I do most Tuesdays. I was fussing around the house, getting things settled before sitting to eat, when suddenly a weird throbbing pain stabbed me in the mouth. At first, I thought it was just a weird facial muscle cramp or something, but then it came again.

Oww. That wisdom tooth that’s been needing looked at finally hit critical.

Fortunately, I was able to get hold of my dentist, who called me in a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics, and I spent the evening being rather stoned and loopy, but mostly not uncomfortable. I’m now waiting for their office to open in 45 minutes to call and get an appointment.

Not what I wanted from my evening.

Personal Soundtrack

Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out

This is positively, without a doubt, the dumbest thing I have heard since….well, it’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard today, at least.

Ananova reports that a company is developing an mp3 player which can be included in breast implants:

Computer chips that store music could soon be built into a woman’s breast implants.

One boob could hold an MP3 player and the other the person’s whole music collection.

BT futurology, who have developed the idea, say it could be available within 15 years.

BT Laboratories’ analyst Ian Pearson said flexible plastic electronics would sit inside the breast. A signal would be relayed to headphones, while the device would be controlled by Bluetooth using a panel on the wrist.

According to The Sun he said: “It is now very hard for me to thing of breast implants as just decorative. If a woman has something implant

Admittedly, there might be some useful application of this technology, as the article mentions offhandedly in its final paragraph:

The sensors around the body linked through the electrical impulses in the chips may also be able to warn wearers about heart murmurs, blood pressure increases, diabetes and breast cancer.

But seriously, consider the ramifications of this. What if it starts playing randomly during a moment-of-passion short-circuit. If you think your (ABBA|Rick Dees|Winger|Carpenters|Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony) collection is embarrassing now, just wait until it’s blaring out of your left nipple at a volume of 11.

What an amazing world we live in.

EDIT: Does this mean that in the future when you say a woman has a “nice rack”, you’ll just be talking about her stereo?

No time like now

First you cast your line into the river.

And then you wait.


Do we dare attempt to make the world we have the world as we would have it?

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