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Improbable Gifts for the adult

Without a doubt the coolest thing I’ve seen today:

A tuning fork dildo.

“This ingenious tuning fork dildo brings new meaning to “making beautiful music together.” The dildo has a smooth insertable end that is solid and great for g-spot play, and a tuning fork end that makes bell-like sounds that pleasantly vibrate when struck with the plastic wand. Made of polished aluminum, the dildo end is 5½” long, with a graduated head and is 1½” at it’s widest point. The tuning fork end is 5″ long, with two tines that have rounded balls at the ends. A clever gift for any music enthusiast.”

I want it. I’m not entirely sure I want it $145 worth, but I want it. 🙂


There is a drawback…


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  1. How many glasses of pop do you have to drink for THAT?

  2. Hilarious, isn’t it? Just saw that yesterday, too. But … I am pretty sure it is NOT worth 145 …
    Steve’s comment: what pitch is it? if we cannot tune the guitar with it, we don’t want it :))

  3. oh my

    I am completely incapable of seeing a subject line like that and NOT clicking through the cut tag. It’s a good thing I am at home and no longer work outside of the family.

    That said, oh my, what a toy. What an idea. I think it would turn into a session of ‘play with the toy and giggle a lot’. Yeah, they ought to have a link to click to hear it!

  4. I must now show that to everyone I know.

  5. It certainly fits the “oo, toy!” urge. How useful it might be, I have no idea, and I think $145 is a lot to pay just to experiment. Thanks for showing it to us!

    • Heh. I never even gave a thought to how useful it would be. As John Scalzi said, “Never underestimate the pointless but compelling power of just wanting

  6. Aluminium? That bugger’s going to be *cold* when you pull it out of the toybox!


  7. the cost is high, but I admit to wondering what it feels like when inserted and then the fork is struck….

  8. We definitely want one. But also not $145 worth. Darn it. 😉

  9. And Rob… you realize this means you win the Personal Technology contest.

  10. Damn. What do you say to something like that? Other than being intrigued, but not $145 worth.

  11. It strikes me (accidental pun, really!) that one could get a similar (and possibly more comfortable) result by taking a silicone or latex dildo of one’s choice, drilling a small hole in the hind end, and inserting the handle of an ordinary tuning fork inside, sealing with the appropriate adhesive, letting said adhesive dry thoroughly, and then testing. Granted, latex and silicone will not transmit the vibrations quite as well to the orifice, but it’ll be a reasonable facsimile.

    That said, I think this is the only vibrator I’d be willing to try for sexual purposes.

  12. I want it. I’m not entirely sure I want it $145 worth, but I want it.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement about that, but unless enough are sold, the price will never come down. You really should buy eight ( or maybe twelve ) of them; you see, it’s all about economies of scale. ( Ok, so it’s really reaching for the pun, but when I saw it I couldn’t help imagining an, er, orchestra… )

    • You really should buy eight ( or maybe twelve ) of them; you see, it’s all about economies of scale.

      You know, you’re just my kind of wrong. 🙂

    • That would require them to be tuned to different pitches.

      I’m picturing this…it would be something like a handbell choir, but…different.

      • Just how.. adventerous… IS your musical choir?

      • Yes, that was what I was going for with my line about “scale” -- as in musical scale. ( I did say the pun was a reach. )

        One of the episodes on the new Muppet show DVD has a performance by the “Mupp-a-phone,” where the conductor whacks a series of tribble-like Muppets on the heads with a mallet, and they each say “Ow” on a different pitch. In this case it would be more like “Ooh” or “Ahh”, but to a similar effect.

        • I’ve seen that one! It’s a riot.

          Oh, my, what an image…

          • I doubt the Muppet writers were aware of it, but a 17th century instrument maker built a prototype porcophone, in which a series of trained pigs were placed so that a keyboard could be used to hit their rumps, provoking squeals on key.

            OTOH, there was also Python’s mouse organ, which unfortunately was only good for one use per mouse.

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