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Question of the day

Me: “Ok, so what would you put in a Slippery Lesbian?”

Just before that, on #filkhaven, during a discussion about cameras:

***billd just tried to parse “SLR” as “S* L* Relationship” and wondered what the “S” and “L” were supposed ot stand for.
billd: happens when you AFK and try to rejoin the convo…..
phydeaux_work: bill: sexy lover
billd: *snerk*
phydeaux_work: or sarcastic Libertarian
doc: secondary long-term
pdcawley: Slippery Lesbian?
billd: phydeaux_work: Sarcastic libertarian? Where can I find me one-o-those? 🙂
billd: pdcawley; Sounds like a sweet shooter-type drink.
billd: “Bartender, I’ll have a Slippery Lesbian”
doc: Ok, so what would you put in a Slippery Lesbian? 🙂


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Well, that explains that, then


  1. Vodka, fruit juice, and a carrot or cucumber stick. Nu?

  2. 😉 2 fingers of Amaretto & 7up.

  3. Anything she asked me to… [HAPPY DREAMY SIGH] =;o}

  4. Peach schapps, champagne and a cherry.

  5. Hm, something slippery looking, something that you could almost imagine was lube. Say, Bailey’s Irish cream. IMO, more than 2 fingers. The carrot or cucumber bit, sure.

    Beyond that I have to give up on adding salacious details due to my lack of knowledge of bartending details.

  6. Try this.

    Hmm… cream drink. Sweet, since silly-name drinks are; but not too sweet. Fruit flavors… cherry or orange… base liquor something like dark rum, or maybe rye. Strong flavors. Maybe a hot drink? No, that detracts from the mouth-feel of the heavy cream. Bitters: orange or Peychaud’s.

    Try this:

    1.7 oz. dark rum (Whaler’s or similar)
    0.3 oz. Maraschino liqueur (Stock or Luxardo) (NOT those silly cherries; the liqueur.)
    3 dashes Fee Brothers Orange Bitters

    Shake the above in a shaker; strain into a cocktail glass (or better, a pousse-cafe glass if you have it). Float on top:

    1 oz. heavy cream

    Serve ungarnished.

  7. Elementary!

    Since we don’t need no steenkin’ *context*,

    A woman’s Persian pipe, wrapped in a cunnin’ doily.

    Ann O. 🙂

  8. In the ’80s, Two Fingers Tequila used the slogan, “Two Fingers is all it takes.” 😉

  9. well a slippery nipple is baileys and sambuka so a slippery lesbian…..bailys and mint shnaps? …No! dooliysd and mint shnaps

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