Gwnewch y pethau bychain

A single word…

Gakked from filkerdave and kitanzi

Describe me in one word – just one.

Please comment to me, then (IFF you want to take part) post this entry to your Live Journal and see how many strange things people think about you.




Because, who doesn’t want to feel glittery?


  1. oh man, I am about to get in trouble!


    (given our current IM chat!)

  2. OK, trying not to go with the inadvertant insulting that I managed with your dear lady wife (please apologise to her for me, I’m such a moron!), I am going to be enigmatic and say:


    (Tim, completely independently, said “Cobalt” -- I guess we both think you’re colourful!)

  3. Plush…like your kitty pic.

  4. A single word? Not easy to do with a soul as complex as you.

    Hmmm. OK, complex is a single word, isn’t it? Not that it tells the whole story.

    Ann O.

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