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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don’t speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula, either way.

When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

(Taken from everyone, especially cadhla, from whom I copied the text.)


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  1. Well, the only memory I have of you in person is meeting you at last GAFilk, where I mentally filed you as “friendly large teddybear with a cool hat who likes filk. Cool.”

    But mostly these days I have memories of you being friendly and willing to chat online, and I enjoy our chats.

    • Well, that’s not always accurate. Sometimes, I don’t wear the hat. 🙂

      I enjoy our chats too. Looking forward to more of them.

  2. Snuggled up watching movies on the old futon, or walking behind you with Brittany on your shoulders, watching the two of you have a lovely time at the zoo.

  3. Meeting you on a grassy traffic island near BU.

    • And somehow we’ve managed NOT to see each other again, which is really too bad. I remember meeting you at the Copenhagen performance earlier in that same week and finding you strikingly attractive. Later, we all walked home and stopped for ice cream.

      We really *do* need to make some new memories, sometime, don’t we?

      • Any chance you’ll be at Arisia this year?

        • As much as I’d like to, it’s terribly unlikely, just from a financial point of view. Both and I have been seeing an awful lot of doctors lately, and it’s crimping our cash flow. Arisia is definately high on my list of cons I WANT to go to one day, though.

          • *sigh*

            Both for the not seeing you and for the health requiring lots of doctors.

            Some year…

  4. Gosh, which memory to pick? The one where you told me, “If you bring that thing to a filk, people will listen to you”? Maybe the indelible memory of you kissing me through the open window of my car, at a stoplight, late at night, after a housefilk. Or how about when I had to take you out of my house to tell you something terrible? Hm. You know, I’ll settle on one that you might not even know about.

    At the 2001 OVFF, where TWS were Guests of Honour, you played “Con Spent in a Circle” at the Pegasus Awards concert. You did such a great job and were so nervous and happy to be there. turned to me and we were so proud of you we had to hug each other. I think she even said, “Our boy’s grown up!”

    • That sounds like an interesting song.

      /pokes over to your journal to see who this person is. Whoa. Welsh filker harpist knitter breadbaker… Whoa. Oooh, you like Guy Gavriel Kay and Susan Cooper. Oooh. There’s stuff I love that I didn’t think to put on my interests list.

      The wonders of LJ -- letting you find fascinatingly interesting people who live too far away to meet.

    • Awwww. Thanks, hon. I have that indelible memory of that kiss, too. And a few others that I won’t discuss here and now. *hugs you tightly* Love you.

  5. I recall spotting your name badge at an OVFF, probably last year’s, and thinking that this man looks nothing like his userpic, and asking if, like The Brain, you were in fact inside a large man-suit. You did not deny it.

  6. Exchanging rather interesting stories sitting in the bar with a bunch of friends at Gafilk 🙂

  7. Not much of a memory. At the one OVFF I went to I remember passing you by in the hall and exchanging a “Hi” as either Pafuts or Bardiclug was wisking me from one place to the next introducing me to all the people they knew.

    • That’s often the problem with OVFF — once it’s in full swing, there’s always something (and usually 3 or 4 somethings) going on. It was nice to meet you though. You should come to Gafilk some year. 🙂

  8. Schmoozing with you and at more than one OVFF on a Thursday night.

    • I was glad to be back for Thursday this year. The last year or two, I hadn’t been able to make it up early, and that was a bummer.

  9. “Do you think it would help if we released the Parking Brake?”

    The time it took us two days to get a wheel off the Nissian so I could change the brake shoes…


    • Heh, oh yeah, we’ll never live that down, will we?

      I will never forget the day we FIRST met, when you knocked on our door on Sunday morning, and said to my bleary-eyed approach, “Hi, I’m an old friend of Kim’s. Can I borrow a couple of gallons of water?”

  10. I remember when both of us were helping move all her stuff onto a huge crate bound for England. I recall you teasing me a little bit and making me giggle. I like to giggle.

  11. Being introduced at GAFilk and my eyes just going up and up and up. You’re so tall! Stunty little dwarf that I am, I was very impressed by how darned tall and wide you were! Of course, the “friendly” gene was given to you in amounts to match the “tall” and “wide” part as well 🙂

    • “It’s not my fault that I’m the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise!”

      Of course, that’s not true anymore, since we started going to the gym. Oh well. 🙂

  12. Let’s just say, I’m not going to post that here, but it was a good day 🙂 -H…

    • *Grin* well, feel free to tell me about it sometime in private. *hugs*

      I have so many good memories of you I almost hesitate to pick one. But ordering room service comes high on the list. 🙂

  13. The dead-dog swim party at tha last Concertino. Yay, fun swimming (and I was actually relaxed enough to enjoy floating while you towed me about)

    • Those swim parties are such a great time. I’m glad we’ve turned it into a tradition. (Pity Gafilk has an outdoor pool *pout*)

  14. Rooming with you at OVFF -- or was it GaFilk, over at the old hotel? And geeking about sinus problems and the treatment thereof.

    • Yup, Gafilk at the old hotel. That was the Gafilk right after and I got together, and I was being all sad because she’d had to go home and you cheered me up greatly.

  15. Star Trek chats in the Brown CIT.

    Well, at least I was in the CIT… 🙂

  16. It was at the Ipswich FilkCon, I was sitting in the bar after the NMC set having a drink -- and you complimented me on my singing voice, I think I had a solo bit in ‘Wassaliens’. Anyways, this was a real boost to self-confidence, and a small, but significant inducement to keep on the upward vocal path…

    • You have a lovely voice, and I’d love to hear you sing more. I don’t think we’ll make it over this year, for the same reasons I was mentioning not making it to Arisia, but we WILL return, have no fear. 🙂

  17. OVFF 2004, finally meeting you in person, and spending a little more time with you at GaFilk 2005.

  18. I think we first met at the 2003 ConCertino. There was kitanzi, and then there was… this large tree?
    And then you said hello (or something), and I thought “An Ent. kitanzi’s got herself an Ent! Cool!”

    Ann O. [GG]

    • Yep. We’d been corresponding for some time before that, but it was the first time we met in person. I remember at some point verrrrrrrrrrrry late at night at that con playing a couple of songs just for you and Lois, after everyone else had gone off to bed.

  19. Wenching you at an IF auction and looking at you oh-so-sweetly. I’m so pleased the picture came out well.

    • *grin* That was lovely, yes it was.

      My best memory of you was when I realized that for whatever reason I had earned a place in your mind as a total confidant, and feeling very honoured that you gave me that much trust. I hope you always think so highly of me.

      • *grin* Much like I said to Paul, some people automatically get categorized as “safe”. You seem to be one.


  20. you and the sprout taking to each other at the christmas gathering

  21. You were one of the first people I met in Atlanta, at a performance of Bill and Brenda’s at the Fox and Hound.

    • Ah yes, I remember that quite well. I especially recall being rather disappointed to learn you were taken. (Though having since met who you were taken with, I cannot fault you for it.) *grin*

    • That was when we picked you up at the airport. It was a good time, even if we couldn’t stay later. Iirc, that was also the first time you met , and things have only snowballed from there. Lots more good results in lots of lives from My Spouse the Chauffeur than the dear man ever gets credit for. [cue up extra-cheesy brogue] He’s a walkin’ blessin’, so he is.


  22. Hmmm… several… good conversations both on IRC & real life… but I think I’ll settle for your visit after Quinze and that lovely backrub. 🙂

    • That was such a lovely evening all around. I also remember giving you a backrub in Boston after Concertino, and bumming around Harvard Square shopping for books with you. And going on charity shop hunts with you in Gravesend and Peterborough. And lots of other things besides. *smooch*

  23. Leaving my guitar with you for safe keeping when I was flying home for a week.

    • I remember the first day I met you. I had called you while you were living in exile in Alabama, becuase Frank Parker had given me your number and told me to get you directions to the Gafia housefilk. When I arrived later at said filk, you were sitting quietly at the end of the sofa. You introduced yourself, picked up a guitar, and played Moonwulf’s “Monster In My Head”. And I thought “Alllllllright, then.” But then you turned out to be a really nice guy and gave me a copy of the Free Hot Lunch CD, and we’ve been friends ever since. 🙂

  24. In the consuite at I don’t remember which con (possibly OVFF), you were sitting at a table with a bunch of pretty women, and as I walked by you snagged me, and held me there with your arm around my waist until I finally relaxed and started to feel a part of things. I remember trying to hold on to that feeling all weekend long when I got over-whelmed and felt out of place.

  25. Another one of “So many memories” — I’m going to choose your Interfilk at OVFF, when you’d planned on m e not being there and then there I was 😉

  26. Taking a bus tour around Boston with you, inordinately proud to be sharing my city with such an amazing and enthusiastic friend.

    • I remember that whole day quite well, and fondly.

      Another memory of you…we first met at OVFF, and I had been warned by some of your friends that you could be wary of new people. But when we actually were introduced, you just latched onto me and accepted me without question. I’ve always felt very good about that.

  27. I remember receiving a very nice complement from you after my set at OVFF when you were interfilk guest.

    • Wow. Somehow I missed replying to this. *blush*

      I think my *favourite* memory of you is the hallway-blocking filkcircle that you, me, and set up at OVFF in 2004. It was nice to hear a lot more of your stuff than I normally do, and sharing some songs I don’t always play (it was definately a more folky than filky circle, but no one seemed to mind).

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