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Job Opening

My employer is currently looking to hire a telcom engineer. If you or someone you know fits the qualifications and is in the Atlanta area (our offices are in Alpharetta), please contact Buddy Bertram or Scott Helms at 678-507-5000, or send me your resume and I will pass it along.



1. Extensive experience with DSL networks, including installation and configuration of DSLAM’s and troubleshooting. BRAS experience, Redback, Shasta, Cisco, Alcatel, etc a plus.

2. Experience with digital loop carriers AFC, Adtran, Lucent, etc with more preference given to NGDLC’s like Occam, Calix, Zhone, Ciena (Catena),Telstrat, etc.

3. Theoretical and practical understanding of how phone systems work today. Central office experience is a plus as class 5 switch experience. Experience with class 5 soft switches will be highly regarded.

4. Understanding of SONET, ATM, Ethernet, and IP is a must, practical experience is a plus.

5. Ability to learn new technologies rapidly and a desire to find solutions.


1. VOIP experience, understanding of MGCP, SIP, H.323 and other VOIP protocols.

2. Practical experience with VOIP based systems, either in the PBX sector or common carrier networks.

3. Cisco router experience.



On this day…


  1. So I guess that being in the UK and knowing how Strowger switches worked won’t get me the job then *g*…

  2. Sigh.
    It’s a job I’d love, but I’m just starting with VOIP and I’m in Phoenix.
    (I’m not a telcom engineer yet, but the interest is there and I’m building a test lab now.)

  3. I notice we have the same song on the brain just now… big surprise that, hmmm? *kiss*

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