In an effort to post more often than once every six weeks, here is memage, vectored from the lovely joyeuse13.

Directions: Type “(your name) is” , (with the quotes) into a Google search, cut-and-paste the first 10 responses that work. Just pull the answers right out of the excerpt google shows you, don’t click the link and search around. The only rule is that each one has to start with “(your name) is”.

Well, this should be amusing:

  • Rob is now leading in newspaper endorsements
  • Rob is composing
  • Rob is the bald one
  • Rob is always available by appointment to meet with you.
  • Rob is Certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist,
  • Rob is now available to individuals
  • Rob is Jim Brickman’s “Brick’s Picks” artist of the month.
  • Rob is a former Board Member of the Food Standards Agency and Meat Hygiene Advisory Committee.
  • Rob is a Software Engineer who specializes in… Software QA;
  • Rob is a libertarian Republican and Navy veteran from Houston, Texas who works as a tech

Some of those fit. Others, not so much. 🙂