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Month: July 2005

Things you don’t hear everyday

Today, on “Out of Context Theatre”:

“I was thinking giant prophylactics as hats.”
–overheard on #filkhaven

Musing on muses

The first bit of this popped into my head the other day when cadhla posted an open letter to her muse, Jane. Now, we’ve being hearing about Jane for years, but somehow this time it connected with that odd bit of MY brain, and…well….

This is obviously from cadhla‘s point of view…

Musing on Jane
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “Jane” by Barenaked Ladies
© 2005

She lives inside my head, sweet Jane the muse
She lives on fiction, cigarettes and booze
She dictates plots to me and I just weep
I wish she would shut up and let me sleep
Jane, doesn’t seem to understand I have to work
Jane, doesn’t care that she is acting like a jerk

I wrote a story and thought it was grand
I didn’t know she had four sequels planned
I must look like a crazy foreigner
Arguing with myself on street corners
Jane, has more ideas than I’ve hours in the day
Jane, pesters me all night and will not go away

I wrote a novel
Tor should have got it yesterday
Why it would be best now to take a short rest now
is what I cannot explain to Jane

Still living in my head, sweet Jane the muse
Still sending more ideas than I can use
I’m not sure how she got inside my brain
I write her words out longhand on the train
Jane, has yet another trilogy for me to write
Jane, doesn’t see why I think I should sleep tonight

Why I love the UK

All my life, I’ve felt that I was born on the wrong side of the ocean. This was underscored yesterday in the aftermath of the London transit bombings, as I watched the populace react to events with characteristic British understatement. Yes, this is how you deal with this sort of thing — exactly like that.

Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Londoners culture should have known the operation was doomed to failure, anyway. The whole point of terror bombing is to send a message, and everyone knows you don’t strike up conversations with strangers on the Tube. It’s just not done.

I was also pleased to see #filkhaven once again creating a central place for people in the filk community to get news, check up on their friends and chosen family, and generally *be a community* for people scattered by geography but bound together by spirit. I did comment sardonically to fleetfootmike that we needed to find a better method for promoting the use of the channel, though. 🙂

Well done, everyone! Carry on.

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