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Christopher Reeve

Many people have written about the passing of Christopher Reeve in the last couple of days. Today, comedian Margaret Cho one of the best reflections on his life and death:

It is super sad. The death of Christopher Reeve sends a shock of grief through the most cynical and jaded of us all. His entire life was a poetic metaphor, an epic hero’s journey, where he gave us the heady meaning and illustrious example of bravery, and how the courageous must sometimes fight face to face with circumstance.


Battling Ennui


The best things in life…


  1. That was really wonderful. I looked at the cartoons also, and I have to admit, I was really moved. I think a lab in Canada where I almost started to work a few years ago had some funding by the Christopher Reeve foundation.

  2. Christopher Reeve’s life story is a tribute to the Superman in every human spirit. If he had lived in Oregon instead of New york, his doctors may ahve suggested assisted suicide. Thank God he didn’t live in oregon at the time, because he did more good confined tpo that chair than moist able-bodied people do in their entire lifetimes, and then some.

    The day the first paralysis suffferer rises from his or her chair and walks, we’ll have Christopher to thank. Ther was no better way to face advertisty than to fight it with the courage, pluck and humor that drove him.

    Margaret was right. He was a Superman in every sense. And one of the songs on my new album, “Walking to St. Peter’s Gate”, is a tribute to Mr. Reeve.

  3. He was a super man in every way, and he will be missed. Alas, for the lack of stem cell research. 🙁 I read that a new Superman movie is in the works, and some soap opera actor has been cast. Think it’s time to watch CR’s first Superman movie again.

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