I’ve been hermiting lately. Lots of reasons, and things I just don’t much feel like talking much about, so instead, I think I’ll talk about last weekend.

Thursday, we managed to recover kitanzi‘s car from the dealership, where they were repairing the flood damage caused by Ivan two weeks earlier. Total damage to the car was about $2600, all but $200 thankfully covered by insurance. But the car seems no worse for wear after all that, so I guess we got lucky.

kitanzi‘s mom came to visit us for a brief time before she gets ready to pack up and move to Arizona. She’s taking a permanent job working at the Grand Canyon, which just sounds to me like one of the cooler places in the world you can possibly pick to live, aside from that whole desert thing. 🙂

We all spent most of Friday night after she arrived talking and catching up and watching the recap of the presidential debates on The Daily Show. Saturday morning, we trooped over to the Alpharetta Public Library’s monthly book sale, where we managed to escape with only $21 worth of books this time (a paltry amount for us, to be honest!), and then came home and basically lazed about all day. For dinner, i fried up a mess of catfish and we watched one of my favourite movies, The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain, which Kit’s mom hadn’t ever seen.

Sunday, we went for lunch at Jason’s Deli, and then trekked down to ZooAtlanta to look at all the cute critters. I took my camera along and got some really nice shots. (plaid_dragon: note especially some really good otter photos!)

We got back from six hours of the zoo foot-sore and good-tired, so we kicked back with some dinner, and watched Chicago on DVD, since Kit’s mom hadn’t seen that either. A good time seemed to be had by all.

By the time I got up for work on Monday morning, she’d already left on her way back to Little Rock, but it was nice to have her visiting. I have a cool mother-in-law.:)

The rest of the week has been eh. But I might feel like a human being again by OVFF.