Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Battling Ennui

Conversation a few minutes ago between myself and kitanzi

autographedcat: Am I a boring person?
kitanzi: I don’t think so, but it’s funny you should ask that. I was thinking earlier that I was boring.
autographedcat: Nah, you’re not.
kitanzi: What makes you feel that way?
autographedcat: I dunno. Just feel boring.
kitanzi: Well, what’s something exciting that we can do?
autographedcat: (long pause) We could rob a bank.
kitanzi: Well, we could. I admit that wasn’t on my list of possibilities.


Rumours of my Death…


Christopher Reeve


  1. A young married couple at home, alone, and looking for something exciting to do. Gee, folks, any suggestions? [eg]

    Ann O. (digging out a knitted ski mask)

  2. of all the people i know(and there’s a fair mix of boring and exciting) you two are DEFINITELY not on the boring list.

  3. Have you considered …

    … writing a filk opera/musical about L.Ron Hubbard? It needn’t be *too* serious (and when the lawyers come, we’ll all pretend that you were abducted by aliens, ok? <grin>)

  4. *sigh*

    You two are just lost without me, aren’t you? 😉

  5. OMG that’s too funny 🙂
    I so recognize myself there … is quite similar to a conversation that S and I had … LOL.
    (The end of ours was something like “so, we then could plan something exciting” and “yeah, and then we call it off again cuz we’re lazy, and go to bed instead” … ;-))

  6. I’ve always thought I was pretty boring, myself. I think it’s natural to see oneself as boring, because you’re so used to you. I mean, you see you every day, you have access to most of your articulable inner workings, you have no secrets to divulge.

    I wish that there were more fun, legal ways to engage in criminal behaviour. Like, I think breaking into a bank would be a neat challenge, but I’d never want to actually steal money or go to jail or anything like that. I guess that’s what video games are for.

    • I think you’ve got something there. Hmmm….. fake crimes, how can we manage this?: )

      • Maybe it could be a “ride” at Disney.

      • I’m fairly sure there’s a video game for it. I’m not sure what it’s called, but the idea is to basically, pimp, drug deal, and contract kill your way up the ladder of the mob or something like that. It’s been like the most successful game for whatever company it is that makes it. All kinds of controversy and stuff. (Not enough, apparently, to make it into my non-gamer brain with the name of the title or company, apparently.) But there’ve been like three Roman-numeral releass of it.

  7. I can relate…I think it’s the time of year….Grey and getting colder (although I like the cooler weather!) I’m feeling fat and ugly today. Oh well…

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