Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: June 28, 2004

Weekend Part Two: Welcome To The New Addiction

I want to preface this post by placing blame, where it is appropriate. First, blame must be given to bedlamhouse , whose glowing praise — and the promise of an occasional companion on the journey — was what finally overcame my last objections. Some amount of blame must be laid at the feet of my boss, Scott, whose descriptions of it had also intrigued me, and who had addressed my most common objections to this sort of thing. But most of all, blame must be give to the lovely eloren , who has tempted me for four years and finally seen my will crumble like powder before her.

Weekend Part One: Birthday!

Despite the fact that Friday was my birthday, I had not arranged to take the day off, as had been my habit once upon a time. In all honesty, I just had too much to do at work to spare the time. All in all, it’s probably best that I didn’t, as it would have complicated my sweetie’s plans for me.

kitanzi had requested a half-day two months ago, without telling me. She used this time to be ready for me when I got home, where I found a dozen roses in a vase on my desk, along with a card and a rather tasty key lime cake from Harry’s Farmer’s Market. It was one of the nicer surprises I could have imagined.

We left the cake for later, and headed off to have a nice romantic dinner. We chose Casa Nuova, a marvelous family-owned Italian restaurant in Alpharetta Casa Nuovoa falls into the category of “hidden treasures” — to see it from the outside, you’d never guess it was worth visiting. The interior, however, is cozy and the service is impeccable. The food is authentic Italian fare, rather than the more common American-Italian, and the difference is worth seeking out. kitanzi had the seafood casserole, one of the nightly specials, and I had the Scampi Alla Casa Nuova, which was very tasty as well (though I think Kit got the better entree — hers was exceptional, whereas mine was merely very very good). For an appetizer, we had what may be the best Calamari Fritto I have ever had anywhere.

We skipped dessert (since we had the cake waiting) and returned home to snuggle on the couch and watch the DVD of “Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill”. I had heard this performance before, but never seen the video. The video makes what was already funny even better; Izzard is a very visual performer. About halfway through, we started getting tired, and left the second half of the performance for another night and went to bed.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend the evening of my birthday. Thanks to everyone for the good birthday wishes here on LJ, and on #filkhaven, and wherever else you sent them to me. (And a special thanks to annonynous and his wife L., for the only physical birthday card I got aside from kitanzi and my mom!)

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