So, since we announced our marriage plans on Saturday, we’ve been overwhlmed with all the wonderful well-wishes. Thank you all again so much.

To that end, we’ve been thinking a lot about the actual logistics of getting folks together to celebrate this (oh, my head…) and the realization that too many of the people we love are just too scattered for one celebration to be enough. Since we’re hardly traditionalists, we’ve decided that rather than one big blow-out in Atlanta, we’ll have a series of celebrations. instead.

The actual civil ceremony will take place somewhere between August 6th and August 17th, while maedbh7 is visiting. (I really wish that tigerbright could be here too. Where ARE those teleporters?). This will probably be a mostly private affair.

The “Nuptialooza Tour” is shaping up as follows, so far:

  • Boston, MA – Sometime during Worldcon weekend
  • Atlanta, GA – Some weekend in September (to coincide with kitanzi‘s mom’s visit)
  • Columbus, OH – Late October during OVFF weekend (OVFF is the anniversary of when we got together in the first place, and we don’t want to lose the significance of that!)

In addition to that, we desperately want to add the following:

  • United Kingdom – February (to coincide with the UK filkcon)

I have to admit that at this point, the last one is going to be hostage to our finances, but we really do want to be able to be with our British family as well as our American one, so I hope we’ll find a way to make it over there in February!

We’re hoping that this will let us get the biggest possible number of the people who are important to us (which is to say: all of you!) while at the same time not completely breaking our budget (since we’re folding the out of town parties with trips we were already planning.)

We are also planning on sending out formal announcements via proper mail, so if I don’t already have contact information for you, please send it along to me when you can. 🙂

I’ll post more as the dust settles. 🙂 This is still (obviously) a work in progress!