Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Doubletake headline

Seen on the newsstand on the cover of the ever reliable Weekly World News:


I didn’t read the article to find out if they were travelling from their home planet in order to attempt to get married in Massachusetts


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  1. Saw it

    Yeah, I saw that issue!

    Anyone know what the latest news is on Batboy? The last I heard, he went to join the US Army to kick som Iraqi butt.

    And which of our leaders are really space aliens?

    (Time to drag out my “Weekly World News” song. Maybe even add a verse or two.)

  2. When I saw that issue, and the photo, I was trying to figure out how they were able to figure out that they were gay from the aliens’ skeletons, which were apparently the extent of the remains. Even assuming they could determine that the skeletons were of the same sex (trivial enough for humans, possibly not that easy in the case of aliens), it seemed to me that they were slightly jumping to a conclusion there.

    But, possibly there are forensic tricks for this sort of thing that I’m not privy to.

    • Frankly, and I admit forensic xenoarchaeology isn’t something I’m THAT much of an expert at, I wasn’t clear how they knew they were aliens at all, and not, for instance, Atlanteans, or Lemurians, or some other Earth-based nonhuman species.

      • Well, I figured that the fact that they were found in the wreckage of what appeared to be some sort of spacefaring vehicle was sufficient circumstantial evidence to justify at least that conclusion.

        • Oh, come on. Everyone KNOWS that Lemurian time-craft are almost indistinguishable from extraterrestrial craft. And that Alpha Centauri is one of the hot travel destinations for Atlanteans, which is why they’re so often mistaken for Alphans (that, and the fact that they tend to put little Alphan flags on their backpacks, if they’re going to be staying at hostels, since so many people are so down on Atlanteans), and that they usually rent their spacecraft and fly themselves, and they’re totally CRAP pilots.

  3. Ah, they were certainly aliens and certainly gay according to somebody.

    WWN has a grand old time using phoney images, flashy headlines, etc., as well as that ancient rhetorical fallacy, Argument From Authority™.

    I’ve always wondered whether that checkout-stand rag isn’t a mecca for science fiction and fantasy authors in training. Sort of a “Clarion South” (they’re based in Florida, IIRC). 😉

  4. I think my favorite one is “GAY TITANIC SAILORS FOUND” with the two smiling sailor-hatted skeletons sitting upright in an inner tube.

    Did I tell you I saw Batboy: The Musical? That was hysterical.

  5. MGL Chapter 207 Sections 11 to 13

    “attempt to get married in Massachusetts”

    What with Governor Romney and that equally damnable 1913 (defense of white
    marriage?) law, that would be a bit iffy and likely not worth the trip. Though
    that certainly hasn’t stopped lots of human aliens (alien to Massachusetts, that
    is) from trying. 🙂

    Ann O.

    • Re: MGL Chapter 207 Sections 11 to 13

      The very next law on the books after that 1913 law, as Lis and I were pointing out last year, is the law which states that city and town clerks are SPECIFICALLY not required to ASK if the people getting married are Massachusetts residents.

      And given how many Massachusetts residents are from other planets originally, there’s no reason to suspect that they’re not residents.

      • Warp Speed and Wandering Cow Logic Paths

        “clerks are SPECIFICALLY not required to ASK if the people getting married are
        Massachusetts residents.”

        Quite so, it turns out.

        “And given how many Massachusetts residents are from other planets originally,”

        Perhaps you can tell by comparing the two laws that not many (understatement) of
        Massachusetts politicians are from Vulcan. :-\

        Ann O. (Massachusetts resident but still alien)

  6. I had fun at the grocery myself yesterday: (almost bought the rag!)


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