Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Because, even after all these years, Jeff and I are STILL weirder together than either is apart

Autographedcat: And now, here’s Robert Plant, David Gilmour, Jack Bruce, and Neal Peart, who have formed a supergroup called “The Hideaways” to perform their cover of ABBA’s “Fernando”


JTW RCCC: You’d never make it to the end of the song…there’d be too many bass solos

JTW RCCC: You know Gilmour would play bass too, just to fit in 🙂

JTW RCCC: Eventually Plant would leave and see what Craft Services had on the spread

autographedcat: Well, I put together a singer, a lead guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer, so that’s a band 🙂

JTW RCCC: I’m telling you, Bruce would play too many bass solos 🙂

autographedcat: oh, definitely 🙂

autographedcat: and, with Gilmour producing, it would be on the album as:

Fernando, Part I (the intro)
Fernando, Part II (the first two verses)
Fernando, Part III (Jacks’ bass solo #1)
Fernando, Part IV (the next two verses)
Fernando, Part V (Jack’s bass solo #2)
Brand New Key
Chevy Van
Fernando, Part VI (Jack’s bass solo #3)
Fernando, Part VII (Dave’s guitar solo)
Fernando, Part VIII (the last verse)
Fernando, Part IX (drum solo and outro)


JTW RCCC: I’d give anything to see Robert Plant sing Brand New Key 🙂


Just one…?


My mind is a strange place

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  1. *giggle* The dance music mashup/remix could appear on the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 2” soundtrack CD as “Brand New Key to a Chevy Fernando”.

    Track 7 on QE4SG1 is named “Everybody Wants You To Emerge” -- listed as a “Fischerspooner/Billy Squier mashup”. Frighteningly, it works…

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