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Return of the King

So we finally got to go and see Return of the King.


No, let me rephrase that.


I’m certain there are things in this film worth nitpicking. There were bits left out that i wish were left in, and bits left in that might have been left out. And I will detail for you each and everyone that jumped out at me and made me notice:

1. …

Nope, not a one. I know they are there, but I became so swept up in this film, from open to close, that I didn’t notice a single thing wrong. Sure, khaosworks and I made some snarky comments here and there, but this was just such a fantastic film that by the time it was over, none of the things I might have nitpicked over were still in my head.

Terence already presented his impressions and a lot of our snarky commentary. 🙂 I do recall one that I said which he missed, when Elrond presents Aragorn with the Sword-That-Once-Was-Broken, and I muttered:

Day 274: Elrond has ventured forth from Rivendell to present me with a reforged Narsil. Sweet! Very nearly king!

Oh, and a note to the stonemasons at Minas Tirith: Next time you build a wall, you might want to consider a little mortar between the bricks. Just a hint.

The battle scenes were incredible, especially the charge of the Rohirrim into the orcish formations. And yes, the last bit of the film, pretty much from the crowning of Aragorn until the credits ended was blurry for me — I’ve always been sentimental, and none of this was an exception.

I’m looking forward to the DVD release, so I can properly sit down and watch this film in it’s entirety. Don’t be fooled, this is no more a trilogy than the original book was. It’s a long damn film, and a fine long damn film it is.

Yeah baby.


A Bit of Cheer, A Bit of Melancholy




  1. First, you may want to add a close tag to the link in that post.

    Second, I am just as guilty as you. On Mount Doom, while Sam is cradling Frodo, I leaned into my husband and said, “I foresee an LJ icon with the caption, ‘The things I do to get laid around here.'”

  2. Also guilty.

    When Sam and Frodo clanked on screen in the orc armour, I leaned over to the beloved and murmured: “I can’t see a thing in this helmet.”

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