Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: December 1, 2003

Getting the cat repaired

As I mentioned in a previous post, our kitty Dayna had never gotten spayed for some reason in the first five years of her life. (This is, I must confess, partially my fault for not insisting on it being a high priority in the budget back *before* K. and I split up, but anyway…) So this morning, I took her down to the Cat Clinic to be repaired.

They called me at about 3pm to tell me that she was awake and alert and doing well, and could come home after 5pm. So I went down to get her and bring her home. She spent most of the time between then and now sulking in the bedroom closet, but she’s come out to grouchily inform us that she’s not at all pleased with the state of the world or her place in it.

But once she heals up, I think she’ll be much happier. She was so miserable, poor dear. And we will certainly sleep better at night without the caterwauling cries for a man, any man, to come and satisfy her need! 🙂

Weekends are for….backbreaking labour :)

Although kitanzi had the day after Thanksgiving off, I had to work, so I did.

Saturday, we went back over to deidrecorwyn‘s for the last phase of moving. I had told her that if she could get a truck reserved for the day, I’d pay for it, so that we could do the move in one shift rather than making a lot of trips in cars. This turned out to be a really good idea, since we pretty well used up the space of a 14’ U-Haul.

This last round was almost entirely boxes, since we’d gotten most of the furniture on the first two days. Left behind was a bit of flotsem and jetsem for deidrecorwyn to deal with on Sunday, but she should be in good shape for getting out of the apartment by her deadline. (I hope.)

We finished getting everything unloaded at the new place; I spent most of that time getting her computer set back up and online. The phone company had screwed up the order to transfer the phone, but managed to correct it within a couple of hours, so I was able to verify that the computer was working and the modem able to get connected before we left.

We left deidrecorwyn, Stuart, and TeriS at about 5:30pm and headed down to Decatur for another Screen Door concert at Eddie’s Attic. I really love those guys, and they were especially tight tonight. They did a number of new songs, including one I *really* liked that Ben wrote for his wife called “We’ve Got A Life Here” that I want to get the lyrics for.

When the concert was over, we dropped by The Book Nook, Atlanta’s largest used bookstore (at least ever since the wonderful Oxford Too went under over 10 years ago *sigh*). It was quite a good haul — I found about 40 Doctor Who paperbacks (I’ve been trying to rebuild my Target novelization collection) that I didn’t have, plus 5 of the first 6 Simon Hawke Timewars books and a handful of Heinleins that we didn’t have. All in all, a good time, if a bit expensive. Oh well, after all the work we did this week, we deserved it!

Sunday was a quiet day spent doing very little, ending on a very fun note: kitanzi had never seen the Mel Brooks classic “The Producers”>, which I recently acquired on DVD. So we watched it and had a grand time with Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom and their sure-to-be-doomed play, “Springtime For Hitler”. 🙂

All in all, a weekend of accomplishments! Go us!

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