mishalak did this up for me back in October, and I was so bummed about the Yankees/ Red Sox series that I forgot to post it. But I suppose Deification has no expiration date, so better late than never. Thanks mishalak

Rob the Wayfinder
God (or Patron Saint when he’s avoiding torches among hot blooded Evangelicals) of Black Cats, Sneaky Fans, Clever Commuters, and Back Roads. In his own words (sort of):
Powers: I’m the god to go to when you need help finding your way around traffic jams, construction, and those difficult to navigate side streets. Also I’m terribly helpful in being able to get in and out of places silently, almost like a cat one would say.
Weakness(es): It’s not that I’m especially vulnerable to fire, I just I guess I am for a god. So no waving torches at me! On the other hand if you’re serving Iced Tea I’ll sit down for a while and if it’s made with Darjeeling tea, well that’s just decadent.
Sacred Animal: Cats of course, as if you had to ask. Black ones. Though they also count as people you know.
Feast Day: The 4th Friday of June
Weapon: Glock Nine Millimeter with Silencer, natch. Though these things only get used when something gone terribly wrong.