Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Delightfully wrong…

One of the things I love to collect is odd covers of songs. The more strange the better. Thanks to gridlore, I have a new item in my collection:

A Bluegrass version of “Scotland The Brave”


My mind does strange things…


…nor am I out of it


  1. That’s … bizarre. Quite good, but definitely bizarre.

  2. Delightfully wrong…

    Wow! That is awesome, although at first, it sounded to me more like Oscar Brand’s “This Land of Ours.” Very cool. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Nothing so odd about …

    I quite enjoyed that. Nicely done, though I actually think that it’s a somewhat typical bluegrass rendition. The Scots and Irish traditions are quite strong in the background of the music of the Ozarks and Appalachians, that is, traditional Bluegrass. I grew up hearing stuff like this being played in the living room occasionally.

    On the other hand, “Dueling Banjos” played on bagpipes would be a hoot (perhaps one to be avoided at close range).

  4. Cool … and saved 🙂


  5. Anonymous

    A Saving Grace

    Delightfully wrong, or just delightful? Before I heard it, my first reaction was Gah! But
    then it started playing and a smile started creeping across my face. Then I noticed my
    foot was taping. 🙂

    Most bluegrass / country / country and western music makes me cringe and want to
    rsitn. But that’s mostly the vocals, and this is an instrumental. A Saving Grace? (There
    may be a filk here.) [g]

    One similarity with the original is that they both use what I call a martial instrument,
    bagpipe in one case, banjo in the other. But then the fiddle made itself heard. Ahh.

    A saving grace replaced the sound
    That once from bladders blew.
    The banjo’s lost ‘neath fiddle’s sound
    That’s bowed so sweet and true.

    Ann Onynous (a violinist two past lives ago)

  6. rotfl

    It took me a while to realize why it seemed so perfectly suited to me that there should be a Bluegrass yersion of ‘Scotland The Brave’. In my head, I completely found this not at all striking and couldn’t understand why you did. And then I realized….

    The only time I recall having heard ‘Scotland the Brave’ is by a group called Tartan Terrors, “Canada’s Premier Celtic Comedy Troupe”. Their version is called ‘Scotland Depraved’. You can have a listen to Scotland Depraved here. Totally begging for bluegrass }:) -H…

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