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Every now and again

A quiz amuses me enough to post it.


You are resourceful and talented. You get your job
done completely and quickly, with a silky-
smoothness that benefits whatever side you
choose to be on. Your overseers appreciate the
great advantages you bring to their
organization and they probably like you (unless
you don’t want them to), and they will continue
to do so until you’ve stolen their seats of
power out from under them.

What Type of Badass Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


The “Who Are All You People, Anyway” Meme :)


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Autographedcat…


  1. O_o

    And me. I wonder, is everyone who reads autographedcat a Mastermind Badass?

    Maybe we’re just here to form a cartel. 😛

  2. Ditto for the Badass Mastermind result…

  3. Nope, I’m an Incendiary one:

    “You are an INCENDIARY BADASS! You are volatile. You’re not too focused on accomplishing all your objectives so long as there’s a lot of fire and brimstone to accompany the Hell you bring to your enemies. Chances are you piss off a lot of people and keep on grinnin’.”

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