Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: April 12, 2003

I have no words…

Speak up, and they’ll knock you down. Don’t speak up, and they’ll still knock you down.

I know the people who need to hear this don’t read my journal, but…This what your “family values” have wrought. Look closely, and tell me what your loving god would think of this. And don’t you dare turn away. Don’t you dare.
(link found via bikergeek)

UPDATE: Another account of the story, this time from the Boston globe.

Please bear in mind that when I talk above about “family values”, I’m using the phrase to point at a very specific political group who use the phrase as a code-word. As I said, those people don’t read my journal, but I do hold them responsible for the poison they spread and the hatred they breed.

Weekends, Weekouts…

After our intensly sociable schedule last week, we felt the need for even more human company. So we decided to head up to the mountains of Tennessee to see some of our chosen family, namely sis Kender, her hubby Shadow, and their little ones K. and C.

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