Gwnewch y pethau bychain

The “Who Are All You People, Anyway” Meme :)

Taken from browngirl and telynor:

If I’m on your friends list, how do you know me? Even if it’s obvious, even if you know me RL, please comment with a short blurb about how you know me.

Also, please give a tiny little biographical blurb about yourself. Tell me how old you are, where you’re from, a little relevant information like that.

If you read my journal but don’t have an LJ account, leave a comment anyway. I know there’s at least three of you out there. 🙂


The Jefferson Muzzles


Every now and again


  1. You and I met outside the Pern room at Dragoncon in 1999, and you convinced me to come to my first filk sing ever, where I met Bill and Brenda Sutton and Teri Wachowiak and just about everything I’ve done and become over the last four years began to fall into place. I hope we’ll be telling this story to a bunch of neos at Filkontario in 2023.

    I am a harper, mother of one, recently divorced, songwriter, and all around strange fish.

  2. well we talked lots on #filkhaven, and I met irl for the first time at quinze. I first saw you as you were rushing to help bill and brenda (i think) bringing stuff into the hotel and i was going to see mich 🙂

    I’m 14, I live in london, though i have lived in qatar. My nationality is irish, though technically i’m half-irish half portuguese.

  3. I first met you when I came to burgle your apartment several years ago, and we hit it off so well that you didn’t even mind I was a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater.

    • you eat one eyed, one horned flying purple people? it must be hard to find food… unless things are different in atlanta…

      • Yeah, but it’s a very slimming diet, as a result.

        *blinks innocently*


        • so *that’s* why that guy isn’t on the telly anymore, playing rock n roll through the horn in his head! You ate him! Baaad you!


  4. I first encountered you online on #filkhaven. We first met IRL in the Tun before Quinze in February this year.

    I was born in Kenya in 1958 to British parents, educated in Kenya and the UK, graduated from Jesus College Cambridge in 1980, and have worked in the UK programming computers for geophysical survey contractors since then.

    • Oh, and I should of course add that you, with the assistance of , , and , pushed the necessary LJ code at me just after Quinze….

  5. I met you on #filkhaven or RMF or some other place that’s filky. 😀

    just a little brown girl, 27 years old, round, polyamorous, and living in Boston…

  6. I seem to remember seeing you on r.m.f (when I was still lurking there). I found your LJ when I had just gotten mine and was populating my friends list with filkers. We’ve met IRL at conventions, including GaFilk and OVFF. I was one of the victimscontestants for My Filk 2001 (on the “shopping carts” and “bottled water” team).

    28, female, married, monogamous, filker, living in Chicago environs with husband, ~5k books, ~12 instruments.

  7. We met via #filkhaven first. And then, there was this OVFF in 2001 where this huuuuge guy engulfed me in a hug, and I couldn’t read his badge … *g*

    Me? I’m known for hugging and kissing strange men at filk conventions (ask Cosmo ;-)) … 🙂 Err. Umm. Maybe I should rephrase that? 🙂
    35 yrs, filker person from Hamburg, Germany, just moved to a looooovely new appartment after having changed lotsa things in my life lately. And insanely happy these days. *smooch*

  8. I met ya in rmf. Since then I’ve had absolutely nothing to do with you -- I’ve never hosted you in my house, I’ve never sung in a filk circle with you, I’ve never read your LiveJournal and I’ve certainly never brought you to my favorite Chinese restaurant.

    I’m a 500 year old wolf who was sleeping most of the last five centuries. Lucky I woke up a few decades ago, I was getting such a crick in the neck.

  9. Hmm … I first met you in #filkhaven, and we have yet to meet in person. Hopefully one day soon!

    I’m a 24 year old student/teacher girl at the University of Mannheim, writing on a PhD for the University of London and, uhm … bad at writing about myself.

  10. More partially cut and pasted answers…

    I met you #filkhaven IRC. No doubt about it at all. And we spoke on the phone a few times and I shall always treasure how hot the phone sex was, but we didn’t physically meet until late Thursday night before OVFF in 2001, when there was this very satisfied looking guy sitting on the sofa draped in and . Who got up to hug me and made that first impression of being one of the best huggers in fandom.

    I’m 41 years old, an underemployed programmer/analyst from Long Island, New York, USA, North America, Sol III. I already own more guitars than I can play, but one can never have too many guitars

  11. I know I posted a couple weeks ago on how exactly I found you in LJ… but I think it may have been due to .

    I decided to friend you due to your cool username..! oh and your LJ is fun to read too…

    I’m 28, originally from Montreal, now living in Vancouver,BC. I love katts and well I dunno what else to say to introduce myself.

  12. You were working on the JediMUD web page, and were manipulating the pics for Oni’s wedding, and you sent me a tell and said ‘Hey! You didn’t tell me you were hot!’

    I asked if there had been some manditory reporting rule I was unaware of, and the rest is history.


  13. I’ve known you for far too long…. 😉

    Over 10 years, from JediMUD… where you can check out, but you can never leave.

    I still reside in Ohio, less than a month away from 31, toiling away at a background investigation company while I ponder what I’m going to do next for my life. It’s not all that bad.. I’ve paid my car off, almost got rid of my student loans, and dont have any unauthorized lil ones running around. Now I’m just waiting for that fabled bolt of Stimpy lightning to hit me…

  14. I first saw you posting to rmf, and became friends with you on #filkhaven. Like and , I knew you were found-family long before I met you in person (see ‘s comment above). And you’re even neater on the phone than on IRC, and even neater in person than on the phone. 🙂
    I’m one of the Boston filkers, yet another of those weird bi poly people, Jewish and observant by my own definition, and lucky in the quantity and quality of my friends and family.

  15. Met you in #filkhaven.

    I was born in Bombay, back when it was still Bombay, and in 1975, back when it was still 1975.

  16. Well, I think I know you through originally.

    Anyway. I’m 39, and I originally come from Pittsfield, MA, but I live in Los Angeles now. I have two sibs, both on LJ ( and ). My parents were both teachers; my dad’s retired and my mother’s in her last year before retirement.

    I’m an unemployed network security engineer. I love to write, read, hang out on the net, and have lots of sex. I have two children, both girls and both in their teens, and a stepson-to-be who’s a toddler. I’ve been divorced once, am in the process of divorce #2, and madly in love with my SO, who’s the husband of the bitch MY second husband ran off with. We intend to get married and have at least one child, if my health permits (I have CFIDS).

    Also, I’m bi, and also madly in love with . 🙂

  17. I think I first encountered you during a visit to #filkhaven. I’ve also seen your comments in other friends’ LJs. I think you also used to post to ‘s Blatherchat. I don’t think we’ve ever met in person, though.

    I’m 38, married, with one daughter, and 4 cats. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and work as a computer/information systems consultant. I’m a filker, I play keyboards and woodwinds, enjoy SF (mostly media and comics), eating good food, and playing with computers.

  18. Hmmm … we met at Gafilk (2? … when Puzzlebox was Interfilk guest). met you first by showing up at one or another Gafia housefilk while working in Alabama.

    36, married, monogamous filker girl living in WV with a husband, 5 cats, and no kids.

  19. Who Am I / Who I Am

    I have never met you IRL or on IRC, I saw some posts of yours on a couple of “friends” we have in common (Marykaykare or Eleanor) and thought they were interesting, looked at your profile and saw we had several interests in common. So I added you to my LJ friends. Probably should have done the intro-do you mind thing then, sorry.
    I like reading and watching sf and have heard some filksongs here and there but (not being musically inclined) have never filked myself.
    I am 36 years old, single woman, with no kids. It’s hard to tell from this entry but I write for a living (copy for McMaster-Carr’s catalog) during the day and am training to be a bartender at night.
    I do have one instrument, it’s a didgeridoo which I practice intermittently. Or when I think the neighbors aren’t home.

  20. The problem with this meme is it wears one out after a while. What new creative fact to give you? I could do like and just cut and paste, but that’s no fun.

    I met you at the very first GAFILK I went to — 2001, I think. It was my first, at any rate. But, I was dazed and overwhelmed at entering the filk community for the first time, so i don’t know that we could really be said to be acquaintances then. I was extremely curious about all the filkers I’d met, however, so I lurked unsuccessfully on r.m.f (not my thing. I rarely lurk there now.), talked a bit at #filkhaven (want to start doing that again, actually) AND found Debbie Ohi’s page of filker journals. I read yours for quite a few months. But the real way I met you was that you emailed me after I posted something on r.m.f, and asked me to do the GAFILK banquet for 2002. I was overwhelmed and honored. You made me feel really welcome. Thank you. *HUGS*

    Since I stayed with you and and we talked and talked and talked and talked, I feel like you know a lot about me already. Sooooooo, let’s see. Something new. I’m writing a D&D campaign world called MUSE. It is in part inspired by the richness of George R.R. Martin’s world in A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. It is in part inspired by the idea of having a world that really showcases the concept of the Bard.

    We all remember second edition AD&D when people threw their low stat in charisma, because you never used it for anything. At least that’s what all the min/maxer guys did in the campaigns I played in. I used to joke about travelling around with a bunch of assholes because they all had single digit charisma’s. I want the world to be heavy on the story-telling and role-playing. I want even the most unlikely peasant to be able to sing an aria that could bring tears to your eyes. Wish me luck.

  21. You know, I have no idea? I expect I followed a stunningly insightful comment you left on someone else’s LJ. I keep you on because you don’t overwhelm me with commentary ^_~ but you’re always interesting. Also, because you life seems to just be on an upward swing, and reading about that is encouraging.

    I’m 27, currently a desert rat, and doing absolutely nothing with my life. It’s very tedious.

    • I don’t know, but you may have follwed him in from mine. I’m Marci, from the LMB list. 25, from Seattle, and unemployed (but with a kick-arse interview scheduled for Monday!)

  22. Anonymous

    How do I know thee? Actually, I’ve never met you. I do expect that to be remedied at
    ConCertino ’03. If I were a Fair Witness, I couldn’t say for sure that you do indeed exist
    and aren’t merely a figment of a certain young filksinger’s mind. How did I come to not
    know thee? My youngest and dearest friend fell in love with you.

    Following are the (im)pertinent datums you requested.

    How old am I? Too.

    Residence? Massachusetts, U. S. A., Sol III

    Species? Half Capricorn / half Vulcan / half Accountant (and part White Dragon)
    (What’s that you say? Do the math? 🙂

    Marital status? Hopelessly monogamous, heterosexual only, old married dinosaur.

    Martial status? Totally nonviolent.

    Mental status? A queer old duck with a sick and twisted mind.

    Religion? Fundamentalist Agnostic.

    Passions? My Chosen One, science fiction and fantasy, M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C., mangling
    innocent words, model railroading.

    Name? Ann Onynous.

  23. rmf, then #filkhaven, then finally face to face at OVFF 2001.

    My name is Terence and I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more…

  24. Online on RMF, IRL at GaFilk but I don’t remember which came first (the lizard or the egg)…

    Me: 46, no partner, pets, kids or time (but lots of computers and stuph); programmer, filker; from Essex UK, living in Bucks UK via Canterbury, Poole and Slough (all UK)…

  25. We first met on #filkhaven, which was pushed at me following my first February Con (erm, C-14) and which has been an addiction ever since. We met IRL a year later at Quinze.

    I am: 25 years old, straight, single, Christian, female, filker-listener rather than filker-singer, living in the UK with 1 dog who is also single, straight and female.

  26. You found me, I assume through the filk connection. We’ve possibly bumped into each other on rmf at some point in the past. I don’t know if we’ve met in person.

    Me: 39, Pittsburgh, benevolent dictator of On the Mark (a folk-music group that’s been at a few cons), SCA person, tech writer, geek of various flavors, married, 3 cats.

  27. I don’t know if I’ve ever met you in person, but I think we’ve talked on #filkhaven.

    I’m a fringe-filker (more of a listener, really) in Austin, Texas, and other than that, there isn’t much to say. 🙂

  28. Hrm… Since I’ve been taunted about not replying…

    I met you about a zillion years ago when you came to for an interview — I’d just started playing Jedimud then which was hosted at Since then, I’ve panicked because I couldn’t find you *anywhere* the night of that damned fire — still remember the feeling as I walked up and down that stupid hill asking everyone about the occupants of the building before I resorted to driving to every hospital in the area, I’ve rejoiced while you’ve gained your “life” back with Kitanzi, and I’ve wanted to brain you many times for your very bad jokes & puns on Jedi.

    Currently I’m sentenced to life in Hell (read: New Jersey) while waiting for the job market to rebound so I can move back to Orlando and the Mouse. I have 5 cats and no significant other, tho I am taking applications 🙂 I drive a kickass Mustang GT Convertible that’s way out of place in Jersey.

    What to say that you don’t know? Hmm… Since the last time you saw me I’ve had about 8″ cut off my hair. Minor, but the only thing I can think of 🙂

  29. I am the spirit of Summer’s Last Daisy, pressed between the pages of a family bible six generations ago by the youngest daughter of a stern and uncaring minister. She could never tell him of her love for the blacksmith in the next town, but she whispered her story to me one sunny afternoon, then trapped me there in the book to keep her love safe forever.

    You set me free the day that you found me, leafing through the dusty old book you found at the yard sale. You may not have noticed as I slipped through your fingers, and I did not know that I was waiting for you until I felt sunlight touch me for the first time in more than a century -- but I am where I belong once more, and I can only hope that the blessings of love set free have graced your life as they passed from me to you in that moment.

  30. iirc… I think I added you to the list in here not because I recognized your username, but because you were a user of the filk live journal or something like that. Or else you added me to your friends list and it seemed only fair to return the favor. :->

  31. I believe I first met you in person at GaFilk a couple of years ago.

    I’m 32, live in Virginia with my husband, two teenagers and two cats.

  32. Well met

    I met you on the same occasion as I met telynor: GaFilk 2000, when Puzzlebox was the Interfilk guest.

    I’m Paul Kwinn. I’m 43, and currently live in Fremont, CA (San Francisco Bay area). I program computer games for a living, and filk as a hobby. In fact, I’ll be performing a tribute song at work for our latest release on Monday (something I’ve done for almost every game I’ve worked on [long before I’d heard of filk] but this will be my first time performing with a band of co-workers). I am also the father of twin 2-year-olds, Casey & Riley (there’s a lot of my time taken up there), and husband to gifted artist Beckett Gladney.

  33. #filkhaven and here, via my ex-VSMTAF.

    Me: 36, Seattle, mom of 4, filk fan, bi poly kinky unemployed broke single mathematician. Among other things.

  34. Anonymous

    Met you in #filkhaven IRC, though I suspect strongly that I’d seen your posts to rmf prior. Met in corpus at OVFF, later.

    I am old enough to know better, and young enough to want to, anyway. Lived the vast majority of my life in the NYC metro area, with just enough time outside it (read: Bal’mer, MD) to know that now I want to leave. Two children and one spouse (not legally so, nor by common law, but only because New York doesn’t acknowledge the latter) of which I am aware, and whom I love greatly. But open to expanding the family by adding adults and/or children when we feel it’s appropriate.

    It’s good to know that There Can Be More Than One — being one of the At Least Three, you see…

    -- B --

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