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Ok, so while I’m being memerific today, this one, stolen from nrivkis, was really intriguing. I may do it again later with another artist, but since I’ve been really listening to Screen Door’s new album a lot this week:

The idea was to answer these questions using only the lyrics of one artist. Some of the songs here are actually on Ben Wakeman’s solo album “The Overall Distance”, but since his band regularly performs them in concert, I’m calling that legal. 🙂

Performer: Screen Door

1) are you male or female?

As a boy i knew i had a limited time
To make my dream it was a very big dream
See i had this guitar aimed at a life of song
Six strings attached to a
World of heartbreak

2) describe yourself?

Going through the motions without moving at all
Standing on the edge and never noticing the fall
Spent my life waiting to see who I would be
Could it be that I’m standing right in front of me?

3) how do some people feel about you?

Because it’s a hell of a run
When you’re the only one
It’s a better walk if you have someone to talk to

4) how do you feel about yourself?

The mysteries are lost on me
I want to know how it will be
The fruit won’t fall, I’ll shake the tree
Just to have a taste

I get more credit than I’m due
But there are things I wish I knew
Like how I came to deserve you
And be such a lucky man

5) describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest situation:

When I’m away from you
I find it’s hard to breathe
You’re the purest proof of goodness
In this wild world I believe

6) where would you rather be?

With the window down i can feel the sound
Of the cool night air and the silence and it blows my thoughts away
No radio waves or satellite feeds can penetrate this primal need
To be lost from the world of man made

7) describe where you live:

Driving out into the night,
The last of the lights from the town behind are fading fast
All the noise and the machines,
The fast and dirty urban scene has run me down and i won’t last

8) describe where you are from:

There’s a clearing in the woods
On a hill in Carolina
I remember the grass beneath my feet
And the wind upon my face
There is time
There is peace
There is beauty
There is space

9) describe how you live:

I carry these stones in my pocket
To keep my feet on the ground
The extra weight reminds me
How good it is to be around
Sometimes the burdens that we carry
Are the blessings we forgot
And i’ve learned a lot about the
Difference in the two
Its in the point of view
You’ve got

10) describe how you love:

You’ve got an open mind
We’ve got the open road
I’ve got an open hand
For you to hold
We’ve got nothing but time
Nothing in our way
Nothing but love
To spend today

11) share a few words of wisdom:

We all know the secret
And it’s not written in the sky
Love is best when you give it away
And never question why


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  1. Y’know, this just made my day. *kiss*

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