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First Lines (with a twist)

So I really liked the first lines from books meme, so here are ten. Note that these are not necessarily my ten FAVOURITE books, since a) I couldn’t quantify what my ten favourite books are, and b) I don’t necessarily have them all at hand. Also, some of my favourite book shave boring first lines, and what fun is that.

To make this even more fun, I’m not going to tell you what they are! Well, ok, I will, but not right away, and you guys can have fun figuring them out. Some are well-known, some less well-known, but I recommend every book I put on here. Go read them.

  • It was starting to end, after what seemed like most of an eternity to me.
  • A great city is nothing more than a portrait of itself, and yet when all is said and done, its arsenals of scenes and images are part of a deeply moving plan.
  • “Are we all now present?” the Master enquired, squinting over the top of his gold-rimmed spectacles.
  • By day, the Nicollet Mall winds through Minneapolis like a paved canal.
  • She had been running for four days now, a harum-scarum tumbling flight through passages and tunnels.
  • Years ago, when you were a kid and I was a kid, something changed in America.
  • “You can always find somebody stranger than you are in Athens,” Jay Madison’s girlfriend had told him.
  • First came the routine request for a Breach of Privacy permit. A police officer took down the details and forwarded the request to a clerk, who saw that the tape reached the appropriate civic judge.
  • When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow.
  • The year Janet started at Blackstock College, the Office of Residential Life had spent the summer removing from all the dormitories the old wooden bookcases that, once filled with books, fell over unless wedged.
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    1. Eeeeeee! That last is Tam-Lin by Pamela Dean! I love that book! I adore that book!

      I must read that book immediately!


    2. #2 I think it’s A Winter’s Tale (Mark Helprin)
      #9 To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

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