I feel like the guy in the Monty Python “Argument Clinic” skit this morning:

“That was never a weekend just now!”
“I’m afraid it was.”
“But I was just getting interested…”
“I’m sorry, but if you want to go on having a weekend, you’re going to have to pay!”

And, not being able to afford to not work, back to work we go.

The weekend was good though. kitanzi and I were both a bit bummed about not being able to go to Arisia, where it appears a good time was being had. But we did have the consolation of a housefilk, this month at Daric Jackson’s. Daric is a local anime fan who doesn’t get to many filks, so it’s always good to see him. Small crowd showed up, but since it included Robert and Beth Cooke, neither of us were complaining. Lots of singing, even more talking (during most of which I’d have rather heard music, but that’s a danger of a small housefilk.) Kit and I did a couple of Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer tunes for Robert, who is only just becoming familiar with them (mostly through spiritdance and Filker0. I love spreading that vector. 🙂

Sunday was housework and laundry day, though we did break it up to run off for a lunchdate. I had a craving for meat, and the chili in the crockpot wasn’t going to be ready for hours, so we went to Loco’s for buffalo wings and salad and a big steak each. Suitably stuffed, we went back home, finished up with the stuff that needed to be done, and then sat down and watched Blazing Saddles which we’d just gotten on DVD. Fun movie, though I think Kit was more amused at how much of the movie I could recite from memory than the movie itself *G*

But today is Monday, so back to work with me. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.