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The latest version of the Me-me meme :)

First of all, I’m not going to do the “100 things about myself” one, because, as I noted way back in the very first or second entry in this journal, I HATE talking about myself. But I thought this was an interesting idea, from mangosteen, by way of tigerbright

In comments, list 5 things that you would tell to someone who didn’t know me, if they asked you about me..


So that’s another year gone by


GaFilk Memories


  1. 1. Yes, he is that tall.
    2. Just because he’s affable doesn’t mean he doesn’t have opinions.
    3. He plays a mean guitar. 🙂
    4. He likes baseball, a lot.
    5. He’s got the best listening ear you’ll ever meet. In all senses of the word.

    *big hug*


  2. 1. Rob’s knowledge of obscure music is legendary, and alarming. (in a good way)
    2. Rob has a quote or a song lyric for every occasion.
    3. Rob has been there to talk me down through some of the worst moments of my life, and has always been there for me when I needed him, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that can make this claim.

    bah. I know I should be able to come up with more than 3. My brain’s fried.

  3. You want us to talk about you for you instead, eh? Oh, the things we could say….

    5) Yes, he did once, but the sauce gave him hives.
    4) The goat rumor is true; the CEO rumor is false. Both took place at the Chrysler building.
    3) It’s a perm.
    2) Larissa knows, but refuses to tell the rest of us.

    But really, I would give my standard reply:
    1) He’s ‘Good People’

  4. Anonymous

    Most of what’s been said above is quite true, to my knowledge. The rest may well be
    true even without my knowledge. 🙂 So here are my cinq pensees on the dude --

    5) He’s a filker extraordinaire. And I mean not just his filks but all his other activities on
    behalf of filkdom.
    4) Over the six months we’ve corresponded and become good friends, I’ve been very
    impressed by his knowledge of music, computers, and just all sorts of other things.
    3) He’s earned the love of kitanzi.
    2) He’s earned the love of kitanzi.
    1) He’s earned the love of kitanzi.

    No, I’m not repeating myself on the last three. Well, yes, I am, but it’s because this
    item speaks worlds of the guy.

    Ann Onynou

  5. Ai. OK.

    1. Rob’s one of the kindest persons you’ll ever know.

    2. He’s funny.

    3. He’s affectionate.

    4. He’s generous.

    5. He’s well-read.

    Izzat good?

  6. 1) He’s a kind man with an open ear to listen
    2) He’s earned the love of a thinking woman.
    3) He’s helpful to his friends and people where he can be.
    4) He’s “good people” as they say, failing a better expression for the concept.
    5) I’ve not met him in person yet, but I hope to soon.

    …or possibly, if it were relevant to the conversation or the person I’m talking to other little facts I know like that you’re a sysop and know your stuff, that you’ve written good songs -- I love “keep you closer” or that you’re very tall…

  7. Rob is a great hugger
    Rob has a greatness of spirit that shines through
    Rob manages, no matter what music I mention, to not only know of it but *know* it.
    If Rob weren’t so gentle, he’d be scary from sheer physical size
    Rob sings my songs better than I do.

    1. You are an impressively tall man.
    2. You are a good listener, and know when to offer advice and when to gently prod for more information.
    3. You are a clone of and , which means you’re probably also a clone of .
    4. You are extremely cuddly.
    5. You’re fun to walk with.
  8. 1. Even when it’s inconvenient, you will go that extra distance to help a friend.
    2. Conversely, when it’s important, you are learning and applying the lesson that it is OK to be selfish sometimes (go you!)
    3. You know how to touch a woman. Kitanzi is a lucky girl.
    4. Just having you around ups my “comfortable” score.
    5. You are the best open roadie a girl ever had.

  9. You are very calm and warm and friendly.
    You are a wonderful listener and you care deeply for your friends.
    You are very cuddly 🙂
    You have a lovely girlfriend and the two of you are very cute together.
    Even though I don’t really know you *that* well, I feel like I’d known you for ages.


  10. Hmmm. I don’t know you as well as I’d like, but I’ll try:
    1) If given the opportunity to hear Rob sing and play, take it.
    2) If given the opportunity to make music with Rob, that’s even better.
    3) Rob has a very lively sense of humor and is a wonderful conversationalist. Consider this a warning if you had planned to, say, get to sleep instead of staying up all night talking.
    4) Rob is a handsome fellow.
    5) Rob hugs are very nice 🙂

  11. 1. There is that strange feeling to know you well, while I don’t know you at all.
    2. yes, always a open ear and a friendly voice. (though sometimes hard to understand, typed convesation has advantages)
    3. The one who tought me what a “smooch” is. But I think there have some lessons to follow for a complete deep understanding of the subject.
    4. You have written the song that deepens and heals conblues.
    5. Patience is your strength.

  12. 1. you have a wicked sense of humor.
    2. you give wonderful hugs
    3. you are very tolerant of friends calling you up out of the blue to tell you they’ve done something stupid, and good at offering help (and yes, we _finally_ got the computer sorted out, and it’s much more stable now, thank you :-))
    4. you are very modest about your talents
    5. We get to see you this week!


  13. 1. Your heart is every bit as big as you are tall.
    2. Your hugs are marvelous.
    3. You are one of my favorite flirts.
    4. You reach out to friends who need you, even when they don’t know that they do.
    5. You listen, you support, you don’t belittle or judge. Thank you.

  14. Heh

    Dunno if I should chime in on this or not -- where do I start?

    1. You are a gentleman, a gentle man, and a true sweetheart.
    2. You value trust, honesty, and integrity highly.
    3. You are both intelligent and perceptive.
    4. You have a sense of humor that dovetails startlingly well with mine!
    5. You have beautiful eyes, a wonderful smile, and a very nice ass. >:)

    I could go on, but perhaps I’d better not, hmm? *kiss* Love you!

  15. About Rob

    Okay, here’s my five items about Rob *g*

    1) He’s very very good at *offering* advice . .not *giving* it.
    2) He is to blame for me owning a crockpot
    3) He’s snuggly
    4) He’s a man of many depths and textured thoughts.
    5) He brings new meaning to the word . . Subtle. (in a good way .. 0

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