Gwnewch y pethau bychain

So that’s another year gone by

And here we stand, and the beginning of a new year, full of promise and potential.

When I look back at 2002, it seems hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that it was only one 12-month period. So many trials, so many changes. A lot of ups and downs.

The second half of 2002, however, has found me happier than I can remember being in a lifetime. I’m looking forward to continuing that into 2003.

And I wish the same amount of happiness to all of you.



Glitter Breasts


The latest version of the Me-me meme :)


  1. Anonymous

    And the same to you, kind sir. My 2002 had some changes too. One of them was a major loss
    (a move south). But it was counterbalanced by gaining a valued new e-friend.

    Ann Onynous

  2. *big happy hug* Here’s to 2003. Thank you for being one of my best friends. 🙂


  3. *hugs*


    Thanks for being my friend.

  4. And to you too, my friend.


    Looking forward to seeing you in February!

  5. *bhigghugs* I hope and wish you that the happiness you found in 2002 will continue all the way through 2003 and the rest of your life, nay lives. 🙂

    …and maybe now that I’m back home I’ll get around to doing some of that looking back and forward thing…

  6. ohi

    Happy, happy New Year!


  7. Here’s to much continued happiness!

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