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Nobody rescues famous SF memorabilia collection


Cthulhu says…


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  1. I didn’t need to see this.

    I visited Forry’s house when I was 15 years old -- and it was incredible then. And this is exactly what I had hoped wouldn’t happen.

    A San Diego newspaper. Didn’t even make the Los Angeles Times, did it?

    Fucking Los Angeles. We hate everyone. And we eat our dead. Alive.

    • Don’t know if it made the LA Times or not — I got the link from Teresa Nielsen Hayden via a mailing list.

      I always wanted to go take the grand tour. I HAVE gotten to meet Forry at a few cons, and he’s a wonderful man.


  2. Yeah. 🙁

    I put this in my journal awhile ago, and gave me Forry’s mailing address so I could write him a letter.


  3. I don’t know him and didn’t know of his collection either -- but I still think it is a very sad thing to have happened.


  4. This is a fucking crime against humanity. I’m shocked -- amazed -- that the SFWA didn’t try to at least do something -- a fundraiser, anything. If they did, I never heard about it.

    • Anonymous

      And ASFA didn’t either, I guess. Sigh.

      Paul Mangan

      [mood: disappointed and depressed]
      [music: silence]

  5. That has to be the saddest thing I’ve read in days. Argh.

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