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Yes You Are A Groupie…

…and 35 other things every rock critic should know

EDIT 10/05/2005: The link is gone, but the link is forever.


People on rec.arts.comics.strips have been talking about words and symbols being co-opted, and someone talked about a restaurant called “Gay Dan’s” which had an 1890s theme, but which changed its name after the word “gay” became overwhelmingly associated with homosexuality. Someone related this story in response:

> About Gay Dan’s Restaurant: I remember reading
> several years ago that a community in California
> decided to change the name of one of its street
> from “Gay Street” to “Screaming Eagle Drive.”
> The local gay community then announced that they
> were no longer referring to themselves as “gay”
> but that homosexual men would henceforth be
> called “Screaming Eagles.”

Anyone for tennis…?

The US wants to have a war! Who’s coming along?

Everything I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned From My Cat

Life is hard and then you nap.

Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.

Variety is the spice of life: One day ignore people, the next day annoy them, and play with them when they’re busy.

Climb your way to the top — that’s why the drapes are there.

Never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone’s face.

Make your mark in the world — or at least spray in each corner.

When you go out into the world, always remember, being placed on a pedestal is a right, not a privilege.

Make love loudly and have your babies quietly.

(found unattributed on USENET)

Word Origins

Found this very cool etymology website today, and thought I would share:

Two of Dave

This was an instafilk that came out on #filkhaven. filkerdave was lamenting being unable to attend OVFF due to a scheduling conflict, and maedbh7 said she was continuing to “work on that cloning device, so there can be two of Dave”. This just sorta flowed out.

Two of Dave
by Robert Wynne
TTTO: “Yesterday” (Lennon/McCartney)

Two of Dave
One to pass around, and one to save
For whenever you can’t fight that crave
It’s useful to have two of Dave

Dave is twice the man he used to be
Clone him one more time and you’d have three
To offer up for company

Which one is the clone?
Which is real? I couldn’t say.
They’re both just alike,
right down to the DNA

Two of Dave
One more than his lovely mother gave
And we give to each a joyous rave
review for two, who both are Dave

In response to my last entry, someone asked:

How about a search on “Random Insult Generator”? No shortage of hits with that one!

Yeah, but are they SURREAL insults? I mean, anyone can insult someone without much imagination.

I did, however, enjoy finding the Random Renaissance Insult Generator, which provided me with “THOU BOOTLESS SHEEP-BITING HEDGE-PIG!” and “THOU INFECTIOUS FLAP-MOUTHED VARLET!” (which sounds awfully Yosimite-Samish).

When you just can’t find the right words…

…the Surrealist Compliment Generator…

Here I go again…

I never used to get ear infections. I’m not sure why this summer I’m so susceptible.

Last weekend while visiting Shadow and Kender, I went through a period where I wasn’t feeling very good myself, which resulted in a four to five hour nap in the middle of Saturday afternoon. I had a sinus headache, which isn’t too uncommon, but I also felt some twinges in my left ear, and I thought “Oh, great, not that again.” I resolved myself to make a doctor’s appointment Monday morning if it didn’t stop. But it did.

Friday morning, however, it began to hurt again, and much more fiercely than last weekend. I called my doctor’s scheduling line, and they said “He’s all booked up this afternoon. We can fit you in Monday, or we can maybe squeeze you in at <one of several inconvenient locations>. This made me unhappy, since I had a feeling that by Monday I was going to be in pretty bad shape. So instead I drove down to my doctor’s office (it’s impossible to get them on the phone) to see if maybe they could squeeze me in, or at least write me a prescription for the same antibiotics I had last time (I still had painkillers left over from last time). After a bit of negotiation, they agreed to slip me on the schedule at 4pm, so I went home for a little while, then drove back. (My doctor’s office is only about 5 miles from my apartment.)

After all the preliminaries (my blood pressure is back down to normal, which is good), Dr. K. came in and took a look, and we talked about what we did last time. He ended up writing me another round of the antibiotics series that Dr. B. gave me last time, and told me to come back in a week.

The infection is not as bad right now as it was when I first went in last time, so I’m confidant it WON’T be as bad an ordeal as in July. And this time I have the painkillers to start with, which will decrease the suffering, though it make sit very very hard to think straight. I’m hoping to be back to normal (well, as normal as I get) by Monday.

In better news, I booked my tickets for OVFF today. kitanzi and I will be arriving on Thursday morning and leaving Monday afternoon. We’re both really looking forward to the convention. It’s exciting partly because I am the Interfilk guest, but even more importantly, it will mark the one year anniversary of us getting together. We’re gonna go snuggle up on that same couch in the lobby Thursday night, and hopefully have another “Live #filkhaven” gathering. What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to be surrounded by a few hundred of our closest family and friends, making music and joy and laughter together? I can’t wait!

Today’s Mutts

I read a lot of comic strips. Every now and again, one is so perfect I have to share it. I give you Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts for September 12, 2002:

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