Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Cthulhu says…

In discussion last night about the “God says…” billboards, we came up with the notion of a “Cthulhu says…” billboard campagin. Among the suggestions:

“Got ketchup?” –Cthulhu

“I save. I may want a midnight snack.” –Cthulhu

“Have you read my book? Big mistake, bub.” –Cthulhu

“What part of ‘I would run if I were you’ did you not understand?” –Cthulhu

“Big Bang? No, Big Buffet…”

Feel free to add your own. 🙂


Yes You Are A Groupie…




  1. “Let’s meet up at my house on Beltane before the sacrifice. Your sacrifice.” — Cthulhu

    “C’mon over and bring the kids. We’re out of Hamburger Helper.” — Cthulhu

    “I need to eat.” — Cthulhu

    “Keep using my name in vain. It’ll make the gate open faster.” — Cthulhu

    “Loved the wedding. The bride was delicious.” — Cthulhu

    “That ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ thing… I forgot to add, ‘To Death’.” — Cthulhu

    “I’ll devour you and you and you and you and…” — Cthulhu

    “Is the road you’re on twisting into arcane angles beyond human perception and understanding? Good.” — Cthulhu

    “Follow me. It’s time for dinner.” — Cthulhu

    “Big Bang theory? Sorry. I farted.” — Cthulhu

    “My way is inevitable.” — Cthulhu

    “Need sanity?” — Cthulhu

    “You think it’s hot here? Wait till you meet Cthuga.” — Cthulhu

    “Have you read my #1 Bestseller? Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?” — Cthulhu

    “Do you have any idea who I’m eating?” — Cthulhu

    “Make me come down there. I’m hungry.” — Cthulhu

  2. “Loved the wedding. Stayed crunchy in milk.” -Cthulhu

  3. Anonymous

    There Ain’t No Arguin’ About Taste

    I thought for this one I’d better call up an old friend of mine, the late Howard Phillips, who’s
    had some personal experience with that Real Old Time Religion. Sayeth he --

    “Let’s meet at My house Sunday before the hunt.” -- Cthulhu

    “C’mon over and bring some tender young humans.” -- Cthulhu

    “What part of “Thou Shalt Not Flee” didn’t you understand?” -- Cthulhu

    “We need to feed.” -- Cthulhu

    “Keep saying My Name incorrectly, I will come.” -- Cthulhu

    “Loved the wedding; invite Me to the feast?” -- Cthulhu

    “I love you and you and you and you, and that should do for lunch.” -- Cthulhu

    “Will the road you’re on get you out of My grasp?” -- Cthulhu

    “My way is the Old Way.” -- Cthulhu

    “Need directions? Follow the disturbing little green statues to the bonfire.” -- Cthulhu

    “You think it’s hot here? Wait ’til you’re on My rotisserie.” -- Cthulhu

    “Have you read my #1 bestseller ‘How To Serve Man’?” -- Cthulhu (with Damon Knight)

    “Don’t make Me come up there.” -- Cthulhu

    Ann Onynous (Miskatonic U. Class of ’08)

    [mood: loathsome and membranous, tenebrous and batrachian]
    [music: Howard Phillips’ “Some Thing’s Coming / Tonight” medley]

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