Gwnewch y pethau bychain

In response to my last entry, someone asked:

How about a search on “Random Insult Generator”? No shortage of hits with that one!

Yeah, but are they SURREAL insults? I mean, anyone can insult someone without much imagination.

I did, however, enjoy finding the Random Renaissance Insult Generator, which provided me with “THOU BOOTLESS SHEEP-BITING HEDGE-PIG!” and “THOU INFECTIOUS FLAP-MOUTHED VARLET!” (which sounds awfully Yosimite-Samish).


When you just can’t find the right words…


Two of Dave

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  1. Anonymous

    In this one, dredged up from the depths of my memory, the word order is important --
    “Go prick thy finger on a rose, thou lily-livered knave!”

    Ann(achronistic) Onynous

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